I CAN ONLY IMAGINE: focusing on the great Biblical themes of redemption & forgiveness 24 MAR 2018

In each of our journeys through this fallen, broken world, people will betray our trust, hurt us, and even break our hearts. We all need to learn how to forgive. The natural man responds to such hurts with resentment & anger, which ends up damaging him spiritually. Two of the great spiritual themes of Christ’s life were redemption & forgiveness…to err is human, to forgive divine. Christ upset the religious leaders of his day by forgiving people’s sins.

MOVIE “I CAN ONLY IMAGINE”. Today my sister and I watched the new movie “I can only imagine” which is based on the story of redemption & forgiveness experienced by Bart the lead singer of the Christian band Mercy Me. While I have reservations about how the Christian music industry creates idols, I enjoyed the movie because it was about God changing the life of Bart’s dad from a monster into the father that Bart had wanted.

HOW HAS REDEMPTION & FORGIVENESS CHANGED YOUR LIFE??? I’d enjoy you, my friend, sharing on the thread your own testimony on how redemption & forgiveness has made a difference for the better in your life. Be blessed.


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