Recently in Charlottesville, NC there was a clash between Antifa and Trump supporters (organized by a former Occupy Wallstreet person) who were called “Unite the Right”. In Charlottesville, one of the rightists wore a tee shirt with a hammer of Thor. In Berkeley, CA the Sons of Odin were called in. In another incident vandals have been tearing down Confederate statues including targeting a statue of Robert E. Lee, mislabeling this American hero a racist. So these are just a few of countless incidents that contribute to the racial tensions of North America. We hear these kind of news stories on an ongoing basis. The Powers that Should Not Be (TPTSNB) have been actively promoting the destruction of the white race, the destruction of western civilization and the division of the common man into antagonistic racial groups. While the news stories are well broadcast, I realized thanks to a discussion tonight, that not many realize that one of the major instruments to fuel racism in this nation are America’s prisons.

HOW PRISONS CREATE RACISM. What I write about comes from personal knowledge, and it had not occurred to me that it was not widely known until tonight. When young men or newly incarcerated inmates enter the prison system in western United States, they are frequently scared for their own survival and so they turn to what might be called “protection rackets”–the groups of inmates that they can join to have protection…and these groups are groups created on the basis of race. The new inmate does not realize that he has signed his life over to this racist group, in return for safety. For instance, in Federal prison the whites are arranged with a white shot caller, the blacks are a group with a black shot caller, the islanders and the various Mexican groups are also organized. The non-American Mexicans are called “pie-sas”. So the prisons are factories for racism. The blacks and Mexicans and other groups are also polarized into extreme racism…not just the whites. When “riots” break out, they are fights between different racial groups.

HOW RELIGION IS USED TO SUPPORT RACISM IN PRISON. Nation of Islam (black racism) and Asatru (white racism) are just two of many examples of religions that I witnessed in prison that provide a religious underpinning for violent racism. The dynamics of prison & the tensions in prison can make it appear to many that racism is essential for survival. I took the path not often taken…from the beginning I decided not to allow prison to change me…I decided that I was not going to allow myself to walk in fear, but rather faith. Because I was a hard core Christian (which are known by all to be weird and love everyone) as well as a GED teacher (who had to relate to all races) I walked a rare path of not joining any group and not being sucked into the racism. It meant that I had to be willing to be outside of the support and protection of the organized white race. I was willing to walk alone in faith, rather than compromise my faith in God, and it did lead to a few moments that might have terrified others, but I came through fine. And of course, I was grateful for the prayer covering of many people on the outside.

POST-PRISON. There is an entire city in NW Utah that is populated by white neo-nazi type ex-felons…a haven for those extreme racists coming out of prison. But many of the ex-felons don’t go to such a place, they end up going back to their hometowns and spreading their extreme racism into the general population. So the United States, with the largest prison population of the world, has a factory to turn out racists that is by and large operating without the general population realizing what the prisons are turning out. The media has mainstream Americans crying for more incarceration and longer prison terms, little realizing that they are asking for the destruction and radicalization of their own nation. Thanks to my discussion tonight, it was brought to my attention that all this is not widely known…what might be termed a case of assuming that what one knows is realized by everyone. One final thought, it is clear to me, from researching the elite, that they have plans to divide Canada and the U.S.A. into competing racial groups, and one big part of their program is to make the white race & Christianity the pariahs and scapegoats for the world’s evils. Fortunately, Christianity is not a “white” religion. Christ loves all mankind, and there is no place in the heart of a follower of Christ for racism. Have a blessed one my friend.


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