HOW HEALTHY IS THE US$?: The possibility of collapse mid-2018. 28 NOV 2017

This is a short financial heads-up on the times we live in and what we should do. Signs look like we have a growing financial illness, that will be like a person getting a major health crisis that knocks you off your feet. What will the financial doctors do??

LIFE IN THE BLOOD. The Word of God repeatedly says that life is in the blood. What is the blood of the economy? It is money–the medium of exchange. In Sweden & Singapore, they are basically cashless…and the trend around the world is in that direction. So the trend is for the blood of the economy to be controlled digitally…more on this later. But what about the health of the blood???

HEALTH OF THE US$–THE BLOOD OF THE ECONOMY. If we think of the money as blood, then the U.S. economy has been receiving large blood transfusions, especially since the economic depression/recession that began in 2007-2008. The Census Bureau says that over 49% of Americans receive government assistance…however, I have heard the figure of Americans getting assistance is actually 70% (social security, student loans, etc.). The value of the $ continues a slow slide. In other words, just like the quality of our food has slipped because its increasing toxicity—there are some toxins in our economic blood system. We have a number of economic bubbles–(housing, bonds, etc.) the same kind of problems that triggered the 2007-2008 collapse. The “blood” that is created is not the healthy medium of exchange that it used to be–but is manipulated by the central banks and is inherently instable and dishonest.

THE ECONOMIC CONTROLLERS SOLUTIONS?? What is being discussed by the Illuminati controllers is something that has not been done before…switching to block chain technology (like bitcoin) for the Feds. The Federal digital money will be parallel to the popular Bitcoins. Janet Yellen (Illuminati) has publicly said that the Fed has examined and wants to use blockchain technology. It will be easy to sell to the public at first…but their plans are to later incorporate it with chips in the hand. The beauty of this is that money use is transparent…all of the imagined “economy spoilers” can be tracked. The govt.s of Canada, UK, and China have also been moving in the direction of blockchain technology. Another solution to the threat of bank runs is to eliminate the $100 bill and make us dependent upon $20s and digital money. Hard to get your money out of the bank, if it has to be handed out in 20’s. Some European countries like Spain & Italy have already made it illegal to spend higher Euro amounts. There is no longer the cash to deal with large bank runs anyway…we have been shifting to digital currency…the controllers have control over that digital money already at this time.

A COMBO OF GRADUAL & WATERSHED EVENTS. The changes they want to bring in are happening in a gradual way, but the controllers will also use watershed financial events to move us in the right direction. The social/spiritual repercussions of all this may be quite significant. Considering this, we need to learn to flexible enough to deal with large changes. We need to practice walking by faith. We need to simplify and perhaps have some alternatives to what they are trying to push us into. These kind of events will trigger fears, and people will make decisions based on fear. So we live in an age of deception where faith in God will be tested. Already many Christians don’t believe the Word of God, they think it is not “real life”. That is the deception of what is happening…where people think faith in God is obsolete. The Illuminati controllers of global finances are willing to distort the stability of the system that we have depended upon. That stability is an illusion. They can manipulate it at will. The good news is that God is dependable. Keep the faith my friend, and have a blessed day.


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