There were many before me that exposed the elite for various reasons: historians James H. Billington & Carroll Quigley come to mind. And then there was Edith Star Miller (pen name Lady Queensborough), Father Coughlin, Guy Carr, & Mae Brussell to name a few, and then of course the focus of this post Maury Henry Biddle Paul (pen name Cholly Knickerbocker)(1890-1942).

Take someone like Mae Brussell, she got & perused the entire 28-Volume Warren Commission (coverup), & woke up due to its shoddy coverage of the JFK assassination. One might wonder what that assassination had to do with the elite–but it’s obvious when one thinks it through, it is the elite (with their international Illuminati secret society) who have the Federal Reserve & Banks, who have the media, who control the Military Industrial Complex & play leadership roles in govt. & spook agencies, who are the only ones with the overlapping power to pull together all the disparate groups who played obvious roles and are each blamed for the JFK assassination (which include the various Mafias, the CIA, the Masons, the Military Industrial Complex, and others.) By the way, the Illuminati leadership confirmed to me they ordered JFK killed. There are other examples in history of the elite killing their own…Princess Di comes to mind. And now returning to mentioning some predecessors who exposed the elite… within the established main stream media there have been a few like Jack Anderson and Maury H.B. Paul who are brazen enough to write columns that step on the toes of people with power & make enemies & weather the storms.

CHOLLY KNICKERBOCKER. In 1917, Maury H.B. Paul took over the NY Journal American’s Cholly Knickerbocker society column which would also get published in Hearst’s group of newspapers. Cholly Knickerbocker became the name by which the public knew Maury Paul. He was a colorful personality who wrote colorfully exposing elite personalities, for instance Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt. Of course he made enemies. He himself was from an elite bloodline, his mother was Eleanor Biddle. On a number of occasions the person he had exposed would confront him & ask, “Just what did you mean by what you wrote about me?” Maury Paul had a standard answer that he said always silenced the questioner, “Just what do you think I meant??”



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