This short post is to provide more info on one of the central themes of my 1991 Be Wise As Serpents book. The theme I refer to is how I exposed the World Power’s secret control over religions. The Illuminati have created a number of religions; one of which, the Watchtower Society (WT Soc), received special attention in the book. Since the Be Wise As Serpents book I have written more exposes. Yet, there are some like Armstrong’s church, which served as a front for our State Dept. & CIA that did not get attention in the book, and have yet to have been properly exposed by me. This short post is to further expose the WT Soc.

THE WT SOC’S ILLUMINATI PURPOSES. The Rothschild’s wanted to create the nation of Israel with Zionism in order to create a WW III. The WT Society in its early decades played an important role in creating Zionism. Later the WT Soc was used to destroy nationalism, colonialism in Africa, as well as the Christian faith. It was used to create universal fears of Armageddon in line with their agenda to create Armageddon scenarios.

THE WT SOC’S GREED. While the rank and file Jehovah’s Witnesses are strictly controlled doctrinally, the WT Soc is quietly making money off of religious books that they claim have false doctrine! The bottom line is that the WT leadership are not godly men, but Satanists that enjoy profits. They view money and power as their gain, rather than godliness. I realize that this shocks many people…the WT Society has for years put out “cheap literature” that was far less expensive than Christian books in Christian book stores. For instance, a Truth book might be sold for $1. What the rank & file did not realize, is that such a $1 book only cost the WT Soc only 5 cents to produce as they made their own ink, used volunteer labor, and did their own printing on large newspaper type presses using cheap paper. Their profits were even greater than the Christian publishers, who do not have thousands of free door to door sales people!!

BIBLE STUDENTS & RUSSELL’S BOOKS. When C.T. Russell, the Illuminati/Mason founder of the WT Soc had an occult death on Halloween night 1917, there was a power struggle for control of the WT Soc. Judge Rutherford won the power struggle and various Bible Student groups broke away…and they continued to follow Russell’s teachings and methods. Rutherford denounced many of Russell’s beliefs as false and remolded the organization to his thoughts. But the copyrights to Russell’s books was still with the WT Soc. & the WT Soc has continued to sell Russell’s books to the various Bible Student groups over this last century! The London Branch of the WT Society is the branch that is used for producing and selling these books that are obviously false doctrine.


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