HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT??: Does the dollar have Satan, the Dragon & the Beast engraved in its design? 11 NOV 2017 (Veteran’s Day)

This post provides us with some interesting things to mull about showing that real life is more interesting than fiction. Some of my readers may want to entertain themselves with the link I provide. Some people will get goose bumps from watching it, others may think that there is nothing there, and some vets may wonder for what power did they sacrifice themselves for. I am not emotionally invested to whatever view you take. On the link you will be shown how to fold a US dollar bill to see 7 evil spirits, a goat with horns, a 6-horned Chinese dragon breathing fire on “In God We Trust”, a wolfman Beast, and a demonic skull that resembles “the Beast” of WWE wrestling Brock Lesner’s tatoo. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYl5sa5r_5c&feature=youtu.be

TRIVIA FOR JFK ASSASSINATION FANS. In 1963 dollar bills were produced for the 11th Federal Reserve District, headquartered in Dallas, TX. Since the FRD jurisdictions are sequentially numbered, notes received the corresponding letter “K”, for the 11th letter of the alphabet. People noticed that the 1963 Dallas note, with the number “11” and a “K” surrounded by a black seal, appeared about the time JFK was shot in Dallas in November, 1963. The bill was not a commemorative issue; rather it was a regular dollar bill. As some readers already know, various JFK conspiracy commentators have spoken (for instance, William Cooper) at length about the occult symbology connected to the JFK assassination which took place at high noon at Dealy Plaza. The Plaza has an obelisk at Main & Houston streets with a reflecting pool, which is said to be an open air Temple of the Sun. Interestingly, the 3 spots JFK was injured match the masonic ritual spots the Masons ritually act on Hiram Abiff’s masonic legend. In the ritual, the first ruffian, named Jubela, struck Hiram across the throat with a 24 inch gauge. The second ruffian, named Jubelo, struck Hiram’s breast, over the heart, with a square. The third ruffian, named Jubelum, struck Hiram upon the forehead with a gavel, whereupon Hiram fell dead. His blood, therefore, was shed within the temple. Dealy Plaza is also the site of the first and oldest Masonic lodge in the area. Kennedy was hit in the back of the head, throat, and spine. Lots of coincidences are connected with JFK’s assassination, incl. those dollar bills.

WHO DESIGNED THE DOLLAR BILL? The Federal Reserve was responsible. Gilbert Stuart (bn. Stewart), a famous artist of the Illuminati Stewart bloodline, painted the picture of Washington on the dollar bill. At his inauguration as President of the United States on April 30, 1789, the oath of office was administered by the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of New York. That Bible, which was used on that occasion was, and still is, owned by St. Johns Lodge No. 1, New York, NY, and has been used in many other presidential inaugurations.

May God bless you my friend.


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