HAVING FUN WITH HISTORY: 2 snippets on Elite Bloodline Women 10 JAN 2018

One of my pastimes has been to make history interesting. I have on occasion discussed how the elite have embedded themselves into the warp and woof of modern society. So much of what has been created is by the way connected to them—and some of these things are everyday items.

HISTORY OF A CUP OF HOT CHOCOLATE & THE ELITE. As a snow storm & cold weather approaches, how many of us will enjoy a cup of hot chocolate?? Some of us will even be aware that hot chocolate has antioxidants, increases serotonin, helps digestion, has blood-flow improving flavonoids and is a nice morale booster on a cold day. The history of hot chocolate includes a lady (the Queen of France, born in the Spanish palace at Valladolid, Spain) who was from the elite Hapsburg bloodline named Anna of Austria (22 SEPT 1601-1666). Her marriage to Louis, King of France of the elite Medici family was to cement an alliance between Spain & France. Now the Spanish upper class had started drinking chocolate after Cortez brought the drink back from the New World in 1528. They had different recipes, but had not thought of putting sugar in it. When Anna went to Spain, she tried to get the French Royalty to drink hot chocolate, but they were slow to adopt it until she hit on the idea of adding sugar! When the first Chocolate House in Europe opened, it sold a cup of Hot Chocolate for something like the equivalent of $100. Obviously, it was only a drink for the upper classes. I am glad that it is now cheap enough for the rest of us to enjoy!

HISTORY OF THE ICONIC KREMLIN TOWER BULBS. When one thinks of Russia one typically thinks of the iconic Kremlin towers with their picturesque bulbs. Conspiracy researchers have opined that the Kremlin’s tower bulbs represent Amanita Muscaria mushrooms…which has been an occult secret throughout history. But who is responsible for their construction on the Kremlin towers?? It was an elite bloodline woman known as Sophia Zoe Palaiologina. Sophia is a common Illuminati name/nickname. Sophia Zoe was the last of the elite Byzantine royal bloodline. In 1472, the Pope arranged a marriage of Zoe to the first Russian Czar…whose name became Ivan the Great. Ivan called himself “the Czar” (Russian for “Caesar”). The Pope was excited to make Moscow the “third Rome” and sent specialists along with Sophia Zoe when she married Ivan. When Sophia remodeled the Kremlin, her Roman Catholic specialists build the picturesque bulbs that give the Kremlin its distinctive look.

Have a bless day, and stay warm!


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