(This is another one of my quickie history posts.) There is a big misconception that we need big government to make us safe. Most people if left to themselves get along with other people. It is governments that create large world wars that kill tens of millions of people. And governments that do damage to the very people that they are to protect in other ways…for instance, requiring dangerous vaccinations. I just talked with a pregnant woman who got the flu after she got the flu shot…and I know of even worse examples of the flu shot destroying a person’s life. At any rate, the following short vignette from history may encourage us that people have a basic decency.

AUG ’44 MEETING. In August 1944, in WW 2, the Germans had begun to deploy subs with Schnorkels. One of these subs destroyed 4 cargo ships off Ireland and then slipped close to the Irish coast to escape a British Wellington bomber that was trying to sink it. After several days of hunting the sub, the Wellington bomber pilot changed into civilian clothes and went to Ireland to enjoy the unrationed food and booze. He spent a number of hours talking with what appeared to be another British officer at the pub. Finally after a long great enjoyable talk, they realized that the British pilot was talking to the captain of the sub he had been trying to sink. As both officers were in a neutral country and could be arrested and interned, when they realized who they were they laughed, “We could both be interned!” They left that evening friends with each other, knowing that they would have to return to being enemies when they returned to their respective posts.
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