The possibility of civil unrest & martial law takes no imagination to conceive; what may surprise folks is that specific detailed plans are in place for a specific upcoming period of martial law…and these plans are not a contingency, but a certainty for those in the know!!

PREVIOUS & CURRENT EXAMPLES. Certain insiders knew exactly what was going to happen on 9/11 years before it happened…I know because I accidently got to listen to the plans while travelling in an airport when a haughty woman (obviously an insider) was telling another woman what was going to happen about 4 years prior to 9/11…she was not speculating, she knew exactly what was coming. She did not say the place or date, so I had quit thinking about her words by the time 9/11 actually happened. By the way, William Cooper got wind of it beforehand & accurately warned of 9-11. Commenting on the current subject, martial law for large cities, there was a high ranking Freemason, who while drunk, gave the specific details of what would happen in my home city Portland, Oregon when martial law comes. The point of this is that certain insiders know that martial law is coming and know exactly how it will be implemented on a city-wide basis!! They will not be caught off-guard!

PREVIOUS INFO. Since 1990, I have been one of the watch persons warning over the years of American concentration camps, REX 84, martial law exercises, training & guidelines. One map I shared years ago showed 10 regions, and the type of UN troops sent to police the area. There are 10 Illuminati area boards. There are 6 fusion regions. There are 5 regions for the internment camps. So on a National scale there will be between 5 & 10 regions. And a number of us have disseminated military documents showing how they will be deployed to bring “Battlefield America” under the control of the military. Bear in mind that the Posse Comitatus Act (1878), which was a law passed by Congress outlawing the military from domestic law enforcement and which is no longer acknowledged by the U.S. Military. The DoD in Feb., 2013 published directives telling the U.S. military they could fight “civil disturbances” w/out the President’s or Congressional authorization! Army troops have historically around the globe made very poor police–by instinct they shoot to kill, where the police only shoot if things escalate. At any rate, the police have been receiving heavy military equipment from the U.S. military…equipment that can only have purpose in a war. And the large city police forces are hiring ramy, belligerent, eager-to-shoot new recruits. Years ago I exposed the concentration camps, and the train cars built to take Americans to them, which are already built & waiting.

CONTROL CENTERS. From my own evaluation, it appears that 41 of the 66 Fusion centers of the DHS are operating secretly. Even the 25 that are not totally secret are still secretive. These Fusion centers provide the DHS with “intelligence”, although some in govt. have questioned the quality of their info, and have objected that it was obtained in part in violation of civil liberties.(A) Another set of secretive martial law centers are the “Emergency Management” bunkerlike buildings that have been quietly built in American cities. You may want to locate your nearest secret control bunker. They are surrounded by fences, and lack any signs telling what they are. During martial law, these secret Emergency Management buildings will be secret fortresses directing the patrolling troops, the patrolling helicopters & the various components of the enforcement forces, CERT, and incl. the Clergy Response Teams developed to pacify civilians.

CLAMPING DOWN. The current plans are so detailed, insiders know what exits on the Interstates will be locked down & blocked. The walls along the Interstates were secretly built to aid in sectioning off cities during martial law, although people were told the walls would make them safer & keep away the traffic noise. People will basically be locked into their section of their city. Certain upscale areas of towns will not be included in the martial law clampdowns. One can expect curfews & gun confiscations. And of course under martial law, it should be no surprise that civil law along with your rights will be under suspension. What financial & grocery centers will be shut down?? People will be forced to turn to those in control for basic necessities. And we know that the Wal-Marts will be emptied & turned over to the military to use during martial law.(B) We have been acclimated with color coded alerts. Color codes have also been used in other ways, for instance the various lists of people to be rounded up: the red, blue, and yellow lists…which correspond to the 3 stages of roundup they did with the Japanese-Americans in WW2.

FINAL THOUGHTS. I have no timetable to give you on when martial law will come. It has already quietly come to France since 2015, where on a given day around 10,000 troops will be guarding French synagogues with their weapons. Some French citizens of Paris have not been allowed back to their country for these years!! They can’t go home because of martial law. When martial law does spread its darkness over our land, I suggest that those who remember this article, make sure you say a warm meaningful “goodbye” to your loved ones when you leave home, for you may not see each other again. Those of us independent thinkers will be at risk from the government as it takes out what it sees as threats to its total control. We must come to realize that the America that existed 50 years ago, no longer exists.

(A) The Cato Inst. put out an article 2/2/2011 by David Rittgers “We’re All Terrorists Now” which explains that Homeland Security has already labeled half of American adults as “right wing extremists”. (B) During Jade Helm certain people with inside knowledge exposed that Wal-Marts were to be emptied and used by the military. Their inventory software and the open design of their stores will be handy. Both Walmart and Caterpillar are listed by UNNORTHCOM in their disaster response coordination as being “critical infrastructure”. During martial law, it is claimed that the large Walmarts (esp. supercenters) will function as processing centers to move detained civilians.


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