DEALING WITH THE EVIL OF OUR HEARTS: A message based on God’s Word. 17 AUG 2017

Fighting evil can benefit the person of God…for starters we see how limited we are & how much we need God; therefore we learn obedience & trust better, and we learn that fundamentally we can do no good without God & His Spirit, which takes us back to why we gave our lives to Christ in the first place. We also learn how to deal with evil, it must be boldly confronted at the beginning & not allowed to take root, and if it takes root, it must be pulled out by the fundamental causes (pulled by the roots) like a dandelion weed, if one does not want to be confronted with the problem shortly again.

A RELEVANT HISTORICAL EXAMPLE FROM THE BIBLE. God speaks through his prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 7 about the people who are coming to the Temple to worship, whose hearts & actions are full of all kinds of evil. Fundamentally, the people are double minded and trust in lying words. When I read about the people who thought they were godly back then, I am reminded of people today. The post-modern World and its post-modern churches love to trust in lying words. There is no shortage of lying words today–our mass media, our government, our medical mafia, our military, our education system, our corporations, our culture, our churches, and our entertainment…basically the entire matrix structure is built of illusions & lies. We are right back there with the Israel that Jeremiah confronted in Jeremiah 7. Instead of recognizing their sins, and dealing with their root causes…those people went to temple (today the synagogues & churches) with the false notion that by attending a religious service they would wipe the slate clean with God.(A)

PULLING THINGS OUT BY THE ROOTS. The root of our Christian walk (the Way) is faith and the root of our walking in evil is our lack of faith in the goodness of God. We need to trust in His words. God compares what Israel was doing in Jeremiah’s day, to what their forefathers did when God delivered them from Egypt. What happened with Israel when Moses led them, is that they could not see the good that God was doing, and they could not extend faith that He would take care of them. Instead they looked at all their situations & circumstances and not having faith, they began to solve things by worshipping all the idols of the pagans. So likewise, typically, all the things the World admires, big paychecks, beautiful possessions, and all kinds of worldly glory, etc., etc. become idols to the worldly Christians…and they cease to love their Savior and their heavenly Father…they will walk after the World, and then hope that all their ungodly ways will be purified by attending a religious service. The fundamental root problem is their lack of faith in God. Do you believe Him and His Word?? Will you trust your life to Him??

GOD’S RESPONSE TO SUCH OBSCENE RELIGION. YHWH tells Jeremiah: “So you shall say to them, ‘This is a nation that does not obey the voice of the LORD their God nor receive correction. Truth has perished and has been cut off from their mouth….the LORD has rejected and forsaken the generation of His wrath.'”(B) People ask me what God is doing today? Do people really want to know?? There is still a remnant that loves the Lord…but the general set of people attending services are shaming themselves in the sight of the Lord.(C) Lord, have mercy on this nation, and help us return to you, the author and finisher of our faith. Help America in America’s unbelief & idolatry. May our Savior & Lord be with you.

(A) JER 7:10, 14 (B) JER 7:28 (C) JER 7:19b


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