The Word of God prophesies that evil will increase & get worse while God’s kingdom increases and goes from glory to more glory. For instance we read in 2 TIM 3:13: “Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived…” It is the nature of evil to try to get more extreme to get a bigger thrill. And confusion & deception snowball. On the other hand we also read: “Of the increase of his [Messiah’s] government and peace there shall be no end…”(A) So when we see the darkness of evil getting worse, we know it is a sign that God’s kingdom is also increasing in the other direction. As Christ prophesied, the gates of hell shall not resist the Kingdom of Life.

EXAMPLES OF INCREASING DARKNESS. Earlier in life, I would never have imagined that the libertine liberals would get so dark & deceived that they would not know what gender they are. The World condemns having children, while lavishly praising gender confusion, and often conveniently voluntarily take themselves out of the gene pool. The Illuminati are externalizing their hidden evil into open society in general. Fallen angels have been appearing around the world to various pagan groups to deepen their darkness. Along this line, in May, ’96, two men claiming to be Navajo deities appeared & disappeared at a Navajo woman’s home near Big Mountain, AZ with the warning that the Navajo spirits would not help the tribe if they did not keep the old religious traditions. This visitation & warning got many Navajo to return to their traditions. Many nations are under the spell of territorial evil spirits. The Japanese town of Oe (near the spiritual center of Kyoto) in the 1980’s renewed their ancient pact & vows with a devil named Shutendoji. They built a park & museum to display devil masks. It is openly mentioned that they have invited demons & devils to live in their town, & as a result they have had large numbers of visitors/tourists. It would not surprise me that you, the reader, know many examples yourself of evil getting worse. Let us be encouraged that this is part of the process of the light shining brighter, and the shadows getting more distinct & darker. It is to get as bad as it was in the days of Noah! Christ is our ark of safety.

REFERENCES. (A) ISA 9:7 cf. ISA 60:22, & MK 4:31-32


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