APPLE: Resting on its laurels, Lacking innovation, & Overrated Stock?? 16 JAN 2018

This is my own short analysis of an iconic American company Apple. Personally, I am impressed with the Apple computers…and would be quite pleased if they continue to sell well. The purpose of me weighing in with this brief article is to illustrate how tenuous a popular company can be, & illustrate how vulnerable the American economy can be…when just the opposite seems the case. Trump has made some good moves for the economy, although some of his moves will take some time to see whether the results are overall beneficial or harmful. We still have a tremendous tug of war between that powerful faction backing Trump & the main Illuminati string pullers, who want Trump to fail. We need to bear in mind that gas prices will likely rise this year, which will naturally push other prices up. (By the way, they have risen 15 cents here in western KS this last week.) There also has to be large changes in what health insurance people use. So we are looking at various changes—some big changes that may surprise some people.

OVERRATED STOCK. Warren Buffett has pushed up Apple’s stock by buying over $20 million in shares. So people in general appear pleased with Apple stock. But the bottom line fact is this: Since Steve Jobs died in Oct. 2011, Apple has been tinkering with new products instead of coming out with revolutionary new products, and they are losing the foundation of their customer loyalty, which has typically begun with kids using Apple products in school. Chromebook now has 58% of the share of K thru 12 schools. Schools are interested in Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

PAST VICTORIES IN THE INNOVATION RACE. It’s Oct. 2001, and Apple releases the revolutionary iPod. It’s June 2007, and Apple releases the iPone. April 2010 comes, and Apple releases the revolutionary iPad. It’s Oct. 2011 Apple comes out with Siri, and Steve Jobs dies, and Apple ceases to put out revolutionary new products…only “new” products such as new sizes, new colors, or new models…such as new models of its iPhone. This pattern is what causes companies to lose the competitive edge, and lose their customers. I am not saying that other people are concerned, I am simply warning us that here is an example of an iconic company that is resting on its laurels and having its stock artificially boosted by the elite investor Warren Buffett. And this may apply to some other American economic situations. In 2014, China overtook the U.S.A. as the world’s largest economy. It is reassuring that Trump is doing what he can to help the U.S. economy…but America can’t rest on its laurels any more than Apple can. What kind of American innovations will arrive in 2018?? If you have an idea what may arrive, please share it on the thread.


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