AN EXAMPLE OF THE WORLD MATRIX’S HISTORY: A Key War Criminal Portrayed as a Great Man 6 MAY 2018

[I have about 20 min. to do a short lesson on history. By the way, Angela & I are expecting what may be a boy in July.] Hopefully in a few minutes, I can portray how the Illuminati’s unseen hand not only manipulates events, but our perception of what happened. A prime example is Winston S. Churchill, the son of Lord Randolph Churchill, and the grandson of the Duke of Marlborough, who lived in Blenheim Palace. Churchill was privately tutored before going to the expensive elite Eton Prep School. Afterwards, he was a gentleman cadet at Sandhurst and commissioned as an officer in late 1894. The media and “history” books consider Winston Churchill the “man of the 20th century” who stopped Hitler & saved civilization. The reality of what really happened can be documented without problem, if one is willing to set aside the propaganda of the matrix. The bottom line is that Winston Churchill, a druid & member/or close assoc. of the Illuminati, as well as just as enthusiastic racist & eugenicist as Hitler, did a long list of crimes against humanity.

CHURCHILL’S CRIMES. In brief, Churchill was the key fundamental stringpuller who created both WW 1 and WW 2. In addition to those horrendous catastrophes he also violated international law by blockading Germany after they had surrendered in order to genocide the German people, as he himself said: “starve the whole population [of Germany]—men, women, and children, old and young…”(A) In 1944, he sneaked into Moscow in order to give Stalin what he called his “naughty document” that gave permission to Stalin to enslave Eastern Europe with 100 million souls, which they did until the cold war ended. At the end of WW 2 he handed over 90,000 cossacks plus their women and children to Stalin to have as slave laborers, even though these were white Russians that had left before the communist revolution had taken over and had never been soviet citizens. Time does not permit a further review of his numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity.


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