AN ENCOURAGING DEVELOPMENT: “Anti Soros Laws” proposed by Hungarian govt 17 JAN 2018

This post shares some encouraging news. Those of us who are awake & from God’s Kingdom of Life & Truth are often amazed how so many intelligent people ignore reality that stares them in the face to follow the World Order’s party line. For instance, since the Illuminati want to bring in dangerous Islamic immigrants to destroy European/North American culture and create a crisis…which is to lead to WW 3 according to their plans…the party line is that any rational discussion about the dangers of allowing all Muslims asylum is called Islamophobia…as if it is a disease to think rationally and to vet the immigrants. For instance, liberal feminists who claim to fight for women’s rights support uncontrolled Islamic immigration completely ignoring how Islam brutally treats women as non-human objects incl. cutting off their clits so they can’t enjoy sex, and forbidding them to have driver’s licenses, and countless other violations. Now Europe has a severe rape problem as Muslim men taught to see women as objects frequently rape & murder European women. (I have witnessed first-hand this dangerous attitude of Muslim men.) So it is refreshing to see the Hungarian government at Budapest turn its back on the New World Order’s agenda to destroy Europe with dangerous Islamic immigrants.

To do so, means to go against a former Hungarian, Illuminati kingpin & billionaire George Soros. In 1991, Soros founded the prestigious Budapest-based Central European University, and he has used this university and his fake Human Rights Organizations in Hungary to push an Illuminati political agenda to bring in as many dangerous Muslims as possible.

HUNGARY’S PRIME MINISTER CALLS SOROS “A PUBLIC ENEMY”. Prime Minister Viktor Orban has publicly called out the Illum.’s Geo. Soros as orchestrating a crisis by manipulating mass immigration of Muslims into Europe since 2015. He has proposed 3 laws which are unofficially called the “Stop Soros Law Package” that was allowing illegal immigration into Hungary to continue. These 3 laws may go before the Hungarian parliament in February. You can be assured there will be a big backlash by the Illuminati & their minions. Soros has already publicly criticized P.M. Orban, and the Illuminati controlled EU organizations in Brussels have condemned Hungary. Soros claims that Orban uses “distortions and outright lies” in his campaigns against him, as if Soros & the Illuminati, and the media they own stick to the truth!! Soros has started a campaign to convince people Viktor Orban is corrupt. Some of the Illuminati’s Hungarian think tanks have been weighing in denouncing Orban also.

Hungary’s proposed measures include entry bans on foreigners & restraining orders stopping Hungarians approaching the border areas if they are deemed to be “supporting” or “organizing” illegal immigration, according to the draft legislation published on the government website. A 25-percent tax will also be levied by Hungary on foreign funding received by organizations that support illegal immigration to help pay for border defense. In 2015, Hungary had to erect fences on its southern border to protect itself from uncontrolled immigration of Muslims.

PARALLEL IN U.S.A. Because Trump wants to protect the USA from dangerous criminal immigrants, he has been called a “racist” by the Illuminati’s mass propaganda media. Many people are swallowing these slanders, although Trump has not been racist. Small things are taken out of context and exaggerated to make him look like a beast, when he is trying to protect America. Those who follow the World Order’s party line are totally unable to see how this unrestricted immigration is a tool by the elite to destroy the fabric of Western civilization. Insider whistleblowers have warned us for years this program was to be unleashed & now we are witnessing it first-hand.

FINAL COMMENT. We are in a battle for life as we know it. We will see if the Illuminati’s genocidal plans to kill humanity and stress mankind with war, disease and violence will succeed in the near future. And through it all, we can have confidence that they can only go so far as God permits. The scripture warns us not to applaud these horrible days…we know that the day that Christ returns continues to draw closer, but the horrible things that are planned by the deranged rulers of the World Order against humanity are not something we want to happen. It is refreshing to see Hungary turn its back on the destruction Soros had planned for it.

Have a blessed day my friend in the Lord.


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