Over the years, I have spent countless hours listening and helping survivors of t.b.m.c. and other difficulties. In the past, I gave away countless hours to helping others for free. I am still available for helping others, but my time is quite limited, and there should be appreciation shown for my time by a donation. There is only one of me, so if my schedule fills up that’s it, and there is no one I can refer you to. If someone wants help, I will discuss with them a time, and what might be appropriate to donate. Exactly what label one would put on this help is questionable. I have in quite a few cases given better help than a therapist…but I cannot label this help therapy. If you want to view it as a consultation from a friend, that might be okay. At any rate, I am making no promises concerning a Skype session, just that I will be there as a friend.


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