FOLLOW-UP POST ON CHINA: How China has been at War with the U.S. & How Trump is the first to defend us. 11 SEPTEMBER 2019

I’ve written many articles over the years on the threat Red China poses for our future. The globalists (Illuminati & their network) have been appeasing the tyrannical CCP (Chinese Communist Party), just as Hitler gained power by appeasement (for instance illegally militarizing the Rhineland), while now it is China illegally militarizing the South China Sea. Perhaps the item that warned me the most was when the globalists handed over to China America’s 2 most critical naval assets in the Pacific Ocean: the Panama Canal & Long Beach, CA. (By the way, in WW2, Japan had attacked Long Beach by sub, & had built a fleet of super aircraft carrier subs to attack the Panama Canal. Due to end-of-the-war factors, the vital Panama Canal did not get attacked. Now China has been given a big step up on Japan.) The globalists flawed policy of appeasement to the tyrannical CCP came to an end with the arrival of Trump who has held firm, as one can hear in VP Pence’s recent talks in Iceland & the 8/19/19 talk before the Detroit Economic Club. Trump has called this appeasement “the Era of economic surrender”. This post is to flesh out further my recent post warning of a likely war between China & its allies against the U.S. & our allies.

HOW CHINA IS AT WAR WITH THE U.S. ALREADY. China’s CCP leadership recognize 3 types of war: Economic war, Information war, & Kinetic war. Kinetic war means a shooting war with guns & missiles, etc. They have been waging the first 2 types of war against us. Since 2001, they have waged a trade war against us using many unfair tactics. (It’s said that all is fair in love & war.) Some of the 340,000 Chinese University students in the U.S. are spies & many of the student spies are working for research labs that are classified defense projects/contracts. Due to the pressure from on high, Chinese student spies are given wavers to allow them to work on sensitive military research. Even part of Trump’s Republican party’s congress people have been bought by China, & are trying to betray us. Trump is the first leader to call them on what they are doing. They have (via our media) given the American people propaganda that the South China Sea is remote & not an American interest. As my last post described, one third of the world’s shipping trade flows through there; and they have built 7 or 8 large military airfields on artificial islands to dominate the South China Sea. The CCP is aggressive & will keep making more aggressive moves, just like Hitler did.

HONG KONG. Recently, half a million Hong Kong Chinese took to the streets to protest the CCP’s infringement of their rights. (In case you are not aware, Hong Kong was a British colony until 1999, when the British returned the land to China, with the agreement that Hong Kong’s citizens’ rights would be preserved.) People in Hong Kong continue to sport pictures of the Queen in their homes, and in the mass protest some waved U.S. flags. They realize their hope to maintain their human rights relies on the U.S., although the only way regime change can come is via the Chinese people themselves.

Much more could be said, but I have run out of time, so will stop. Let us continue to pray for peace, but let us not forget the millions of Chinese Christians who have been terribly persecuted by their own govt. this last year. The CCP is a tyrannical, self-centered group. May God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


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