Many survivors of DID ask me for help, at least one per day. On a lesser scale, I also get people ask me how they can help people with DID. Now I have ten videos that can be watched, which provide help for survivors & helpful friends/therapists of survivors. I think that Christians in general will benefit from the first segment because it deals with critical fundamentals for us all. The videos are of Amanda, a DID therapist from South Africa, & Doug W. Riggs, now a 74 yr. old minister in Syracuse, NY, who has been a friend of mine since the mid ‘90’s, teaching at a DID conference at Leipzig, Germany. (See the link below.) The teaching begins rather slow as Amanda chats with the audience, but wait & she will get into meaningful things.

EXCITING SYNCHRONICITY. Due to school work & responsibilities, I have not been able to watch these 10 videos until today. I just watched video #1, and was amazed because exactly one year ago, (on May 29, 2015) I wrote a face book message speaking on the exact same thing that Amanda is talking about in the first clip. She breaks down how God created people to have UNITY and RELATIONSHIP. These are important concepts, because we are hardwired to BOND (which in Hebrew is the word Davaq). It is this need to bond (reminds me of how chemistry is based upon the bonding of subatomic and atomic particles) that the mind control programmers manipulate!!! Here is what I wrote exactly one year ago:

“A WAR REPORT FOR GOD’S REMNANT FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT. (15 MAY ’15) This message builds upon yesterday’s post about losing God’s guiding presence. It shares what the Spirit gave both me & another brother with some of my own comments. Certain churches are using worldly strategies to market themselves & to gain revival. But they lack spiritual understanding. What is spiritual understanding for the person of faith? It is linked to knowing Christ & that he is truth, being filled with knowledge of His will, being knit together in love with Christ’s Body of fellow believers, walking spiritually & listening to one’s father.(A) Do you detect a common element here?? Yes, it is relationship. As yest.’s message said, we were created for relationship. God even created Adam lonely!(B) Adam was lonely prior to sin entering his lovely Garden home. So we were created to want a relationship with our Creator & with fellow humans. The ability to become lonely & seek company is a God-installed trait. In fact, God’s leaders (as some of the Biblical prophets) can find themselves in a lonely leadership position. Even Yahshua went to a lonely place.”

So you can see in the above paragraph how I link spiritual understanding to spiritual bonding. So if the mind control programmer/ & Satan himself want to prevent the victim from having spiritual understanding…the place to do this is to manipulate our built-in need for bonding (relationship). The trauma based mind control operates off of many false relationships. These relationships are built by fear. The strongest bond a human has is the mother-child bond, which God the Creator says he wants with us. The mother-child bond is manipulated and warped by the programmers. This is a foundational problem and I expect that Doug & Amanda will address how to work with this foundational issue in later segments.

OVERVIEW OF FIRST SEGMENT. The first clip explains the basic foundational trauma AND how to approach dealing with DID. It explains the 5 kinds of trauma….& the primal script that the programmers manipulate. Amanda does a great job in explaining how they hijack what was created by God; by her breaking it down you will see what was done–and begin to see how it is fixed. I am excited to watch the rest of the clips, & excited for you to watch these. I think many survivors can watch these without being triggered all over or ending up in a trance. Those in the early stages of therapy may have a harder time. (Of course, people who know nothing about the World Order, God & DID may have difficulty…but I expect most of my readers are familiar to some degree about these topics.) God’s Blessings to all.


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