So much is happening, that I have been doing more than my single article per day. A discussion this afternoon, has caused me to set before you some of my deeper private thoughts. Let me preface my comments with this: I pray, I research, but I am not infallible. Over the decades of study into the elite controllers, I have learned some things that to me are beyond question. The Illuminati play world events like a 3D chess game. From early on, I have repeatedly stated that there were many levels of understanding to an event, I’ve used the American Civil War as one of my examples, but many, many events in history (by history I mean what actually happened) can be seen to have multiple perspectives or levels of understanding.

SOME DETAILS I KNOW. I know the Illuminati are trying to replicate the Biblical Armageddon script, (which then takes us to another level: is God allowing them to do His dirty work?). I know that they destroyed all the European empires, to form regional blocks in anticipation for an overt open One World Government ruled by an AntiChrist animated by Lucifer. From various independent credible eye-witnesses, I know the global elite are controlling all the nations. Exactly what mechanisms may vary, but they have their people everywhere. I also know they want to replace the American dollar as world reserve currency and elevate some kind of currency introduced by China. Many people have asked me about Putin, about Snowden and how they fit into this whole situation. Are they controlled opposition? Is Putin good or bad? I did a handwriting analysis of Putin, as well as a study of him to understand better. I have written several articles on him. Did he start out a globalist puppet and then rebel? or is he faking his rebellion? Let’s set aside the answer to that question for the time being–I myself debate with myself on that issue. One day I think he is a deep cover Illuminati, the next I think maybe he loves Russia and is writing his own script. But the scenario I will now present makes it a moot point, and it finally explains why they are willing to persist with backing Hillary, even though it is exposing & discrediting themselves.

POSSIBLE 3D CHESS STRATEGY THAT FITS THE PIECES I KNOW. I have repeatedly written about BRICS…hopefully the reader remembers that this is the coalition of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa…one representative nation from each area of the world. The obvious desire of its creators to look like a global entity is apparent to me. BRICS has been chosen by the Illuminati to replace the current (supposedly outdated) Bretton Woods setup for the global economy. There has been a great emphasis in the alternative media that the western leaders were the core of the Illuminati. It puzzled me, because the Illuminati elite in the BRICS countries is treated like it doesn’t exist. The Illuminati mechanisms of control in these nations is treated like it doesn’t exist. So we are led to believe western Europe is it. And it is indeed the core–but the core expanded globally from its original base long ago.

So how can they get the non-aligned nations to join a world government?? Make it look like they are joining its opposition!!! Whether Putin is a real or fake nationalist is of no consequence. If Trump gets in (or some other nationalist–say he is assassinated)…it is quite likely that our nationalist leader will support BRICS because BRICS is perceived as opposition to the New World Order. Now they have the mechanism to unify the world. And our nationalistic leader (perhaps Trump) is not going to doubt that he is safe in taking our nation away from all the treaties that the Illuminati tried to slip in like TPP into a situation where there is peace within the context of a world run by BRICS leadership. This has the feel of true Illuminati strategy: heads they win, tails we lose. It is the double-bind they love to create, that I have witnessed so many times before. Run from the NWO into their opposition, which turns out to be the arms of the NWO. This was the very scenario that the book “1984” had in its storyline.

If Hillary wins, and can get inaugurated with an intact America, then they fast track the destruction of America. In the elite’s worst case scenario, Trump wins with the help of the intelligence agencies, lower echelon FBI, and NYPD, & manages to get inaugurated over all opposition to keep him out. Their plans & agencies & agents are exposed. Then they have a plan B, let the BRICS rise, and rally a global govt. around what appears to be opposition to the New World Order. Perhaps they will call it the BRICS World Order. This is why their subtle controls over these nations are not coming out. But before we have any of this to be concerned about, we are still on the roller coaster ride into all kinds of wild card scenarios. You can probably imagine some of these wild card scenarios!

One verse sums up our Biblical view of this: “There are many devices in a man’s heart; nevertheless the counsel of the LORD, that shall stand.” (PRV 19:21) May God continue to bless you my friend. You can trust your true safety to God Almighty. “But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter of mine head.” (PS 3:3) “In whom ye also trusted [that is Christ, Yahshua ha Messiach], after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after ye believed, ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise.” (EPH 1:13) Right? No one can take that from you, you are sealed. Your life is built on the rock, let the storms come!


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