There financial problems all over…Deutsche Bank (one of the elites’ own banks…the major one in Germany, much bigger than our Lehman Bros. was in 2008) is going under. It has been crippled for several years, & limping along. Americans mistakenly think that Europe’s problems are not ours. Germany’s economy is the heart of Europe. If it collapses along with perhaps Sweden, then it will have a ripple effect all the way to the states. As you know, Venezuela’s economy has totally crashed…nothing in the stores…they are talking about slavery to survive. Times are rough in certain areas of the U.S.A. The economic stresses are not evenly apportioned. Some areas of the U.S. are doing just fine.

BALTIC DRY INDEX (BDI). This is an index to show the price of moving major raw materials by large cargo ships. As China’s economy has slowed down, many owners of these ships are parking them in spots around the world. On 7/29, the BDI had slumped to 656. The dry bulk shipping market is now in survival mode.

BROTHER & SISTER NOT OUT OF THE FINANCIAL HOT WATERS. Annie Olivo-Champagne and her husband Rick have had me on their show a no. of times. I always appreciate their dedication to fighting the battle we face with this global NWO. Earlier I wrote/talked about how Rick and Annie had become homeless and were not able to continue their Shake & Wake show. They are still barely making it…living in the heat in their van…homeless in St. Augustine, FL. Some of you know how the police spend an inordinate time harassing the homeless (while totally neglecting white collar crime—or worse protecting it in the case of people like Hillary). So of course the police have given them a hard time for being homeless. You can send them help by their Paypal account, or by a Moneygram. Her phone no. is 386-237-9688. It you send her a Moneygram send her the amount and the transaction number by text if you want. I hope that some are able to help them. They just got their van robbed of the little cash they had, when they were away from it.

May God bless you, and keep you.


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