Fritz Springmeier will be just north of Kintnersville in upper Bucks County, PA from July 1-July 4th. (27 JUNE ’16) I (Fritz) will be speaking short (perhaps 35 min.) talks in the evenings each day sometime after 8 p.m. at the campgrounds where the Freedom Palooza fest is being held. During the day, I will be networking & visiting with people. This 2016 Freedom Palooza fest is located in Upper Bucks County PA. where Rts 611 & 32 meet along the Delaware River in Kintnersville, PA. If coming from the south, like from Philadelphia, you go thru Kintnersville on Hwy 611. At the north end of the town is where hwy. 32 comes in from the right. You continue on past that intersection. You stay on 611, cross a bridge and the event (campground & bldg.) is to your righthand (east) side. I will attach a photo of the campground site/ property from Google earth in the thread. Quite a few patriot speakers and bands will be participating. (I don’t know what the final set of speakers & bands will be. It will be different obviously from what is on the event’s website.) Paul Topete is the main organizer, and his anti-New World Order band Poker Face with Dennis, Paul & Brett will be one of the bands there. The link is www (dot) freedompalooza (dot) com in case you want more information.


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