My Christian sister Jeanne, who lives in a small town in Alaska keeps me informed of what is happening with her family. 15 years ago I was getting reports & prayer requests every few days from her because Jeanne was involved in an ongoing full blown battle of faith with the world & death for the better part of a year. Here is what happened…her daughter Jessica had given birth to the youngest preemie in Alaskan history to survive…but the doctors were very skeptical about the child, who was named Amanda Rose Jubilee Phipps, or Mandy for short. God showed Jeanne the child was going to live, and by faith Jeanne was believing what God said. But to make it happen meant she had to take on the entire medical staff on a daily basis, as they kept insisting the child would die, or be brain dead, yaada, yaada, yaada. They kept insisting that they be allowed to pull the plug. Even if she lived, she would be brain dead they claimed. Jeanne held her ground and her faith. Believe me, Jeanne is like an oak tree planted firmly in the ground. If anyone has faith, she does!

MANY VERSES. “And ye shall serve the Lord your God and He shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee.” (B) There are so many beautiful Bible verses promising God’s support, love and healing that I can’t begin to share them all. But I will share some more in the thread.

MANY MINISTERS. I believe God uses doctors & nurses as His ministers…even if they don’t realize it. The Bible shows him using secular rulers like the King of Babylon & Persia (Cyrus) and many others, so there is nothing unscriptural about Him using those of the healing arts. In fact, in DT 30, which is where the New Birth is prophesied in verse 6, YHWH tells His people: “See I have set before you today life and dead, good and evil…life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may life.”(C) This is one of my favorite verses, and I constantly try to teach people that everything we do, each little choice and decision, is a decision of LIFE or DEATH. Those who protect and give life are truly ministers for God’s purpose. But what if the very people who are to protect life, want to end it. Mandy was spared death, because of her grandmother’s faith. This is an obvious fact. So how did it turn out–all this faith business—etc. that atheists tell us is a pile of garbage and worthless?

LATEST REPORT. Yesterday, I got an update on Mandy. Here is what Jeanne wrote: “…our Beautiful Sweet 15 year old special needs child. … she starts her Freshman year tomorrow morning. She’s done amazing for one the medical community gave up on…. She’s made the High Honor Roll 8 times in a row and she got the Gold Presidential Achievement Award at graduation from the 8th grade in May.” This is a child the medical professionals said would be brain dead or unfunctional as a child. Mandy is a special child of God; a child of faith that YHWH has preserved to show His love & grace.

(A) LK 1:37 (B) EX 23:25 (C) DT 30:15, 19b

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