Christians are hungry to understand prophecy. Along that line, there is no question persecution will come. Christians are globally targeted for destruction; an average of 105,000 Christians/per year die for their faith. When one part of the Body of Christ suffers, every part suffers.(A) The persecution is a test of our faith, but it also has some other powerful dynamics, for instance, the Latin phrase from the early church was “semen est sanguis Christianorum” (“the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church”). It would seem this is proven in Communist China where the Christian population totaled a mere half million when the communists seized control in 1949. After half a century of martyrdom, where the Communist regime tried to eliminate the church totally, it now numbers over 90 million hard core believers, & is increasing. In a few years, China will have the more Christians than any nation. (But I have to caution, the blood of the martyrs has not converted Islam; once Christian nations are essentially now all Moslem.) So I have chosen to discuss the topic of future persecution, because I felt I had some worthwhile things for you, the reader. May the Holy Spirit find a way to give value to these words.

CURRENT EVENTS. The recent riots where Trump supporters were attacked, & their cars stolen or smashed, shows the treatment these wild masses would give faithful Christians. I knew this already, having experienced what I’ve experienced…like radical gays in 1993 handing me a flier “kill the Christians”. (For me to have done the opposite would have been an automatic 5 yr. sentence for a hate crime.) Add to this mix all the radical Moslems being brought in, and you have plenty of people who will want to sever our Christian heads. The Moslems will even fulfill the prophecy that they will kill you thinking they are doing God a favor.(B) Do I know when the worst persecution will come to America?? No, but a clue may be the verse, at JER 8:11-12 that when they cry “peace, peace” there will be “no peace”. In Europe, the destruction of the Jews followed these steps: condemned, marginalized, assembled & isolated, debilitated, murdered. Christians in America have gone through the first 2 steps. The Jewish police that worked for the Nazis treated their own people worse than the SS according to at least one witness. We can expect worldly Christians (a Judas class) to do much of the World’s dirty work.

For 2 yrs. proof of Islamic slavery of Christian women was sent to Rev. Jesse Jackson who consistently returned the packaged proof unopened. Confronted by phone call, his rep said the Rev. was too busy with affirmative action and “Right now slavery is not on his agenda.”(C) As he voted for Hillary & loves Castro, the plight of true Christians is obviously not a concern for the reverend. Nor is it for the NCC (National Council of Churches) & WCC (World Council of Churches) that I exposed as Illuminati organizations.

TAKING UP ONE’S CROSS IN THE FUTURE. Here is my approach to prophecy. Foremost is: HOW can we apply it to our Christian life today in the here & now to draw us closer to God, & His goals for our lives?? A secondary purpose is to be familiar with prophetic patterns, so that I (& you) can observe them. Because prophecies are so flexible in how God could fulfill them, I refuse to look at the world through some preconceived lens of prophetic interpretation …which sets me apart from most Christian leaders in the public eye–who force their interpretation of current events to match their eschatology (their interpretation of prophecy). For example, prophecy foretells of a Mark of the Beast. But already at least a dozen or more believable candidates for what the Mark of the Beast could be are there for people to argue about. Why not accept all of these as minor fulfillments of the Mark? and avoid (as much as possible) all of them, as well as avoiding arguing about them.

THE TRIAL OF OUR FAITH by TESTS are PROPHESIED.(D) We are told that we must endure these tests to pass them victoriously.(E) We are encouraged to endure because no one can separate us from the love of Christ.(F) And we should not fear those who can kill the body, but not the soul.(G) In fact, Christ endured his suffering & crucifixion “for the joy set before him”. (H) And we are encouraged to “rejoice in so far …[as we]…share Christ’s suffering.”! (I) Our martyrdom will defeat Satan.(J) It certainly shows that the World is not all powerful! It is the most radical form of witnessing possible. It is a characteristic of a true prophet.(K) And some martyrs have seen glory in their final hours of testing.(L) Numerous scriptures prophecy that we will receive future heavenly rewards for witnessing faithfully even unto death.(M) And some Christians received God’s direct help to stay faithful even during torture.(N) And some in Bible times & modern times also have had angels save them. Once when this happened in the USSR, an entire company of soldiers gave their lives to Christ due to witnessing the angelic help given a Christian soldier under persecution.

BLOOD FROM THE RECENT MARTYRS CRIES OUT. More Christians were martyred for their faith in the 20th century, than all the previous 19 centuries added together. In North Korea, being a Christian means death. (Yet, a pastor friend of mine would go in & minister to the secret churches, & send me pictures.) In Iraq, in Oct. 2008, Christian leaders were notified that any Christian not leaving the country would be killed. During the 20th century, Turkey went from 32% Christians to about 1/2 a %. Iraq went from 35% to perhaps 3%, and Iran from 15% to about 1/3 %. Christians fleeing death from these nations (& other nations) have gone to American embassies, who by law are to investigate religious persecution–but because they are Christians, our govt. has rejected them & sent them back to their deaths. I contrast that with how the Obama administration is taking in as many Moslem refugees & undercover terrorists as it can invite in. In March, 1996 the National Assoc. of Evangelicals tried to get Pres. Clinton to attend their conference where the global persecution of Christians was discussed. They were told that there was not enough money in the President’s budget to fly to their conference in Minnesota. The elite controlled myopic, mainstream media has basically been silent on the global genocide of Christians–instead they have reported on transsexual (transgender) and gay “persecution” which is miniscule compared to what has been going on to Christians. The little msm reporting that has been done has been distorted & slanted.

BLIND EYE TO TRAGEDY. In the last few decades, our govt. has basically turned a blind eye to the genocide of Christians. Nations like Saudi Arabia, Indonesia & Communist China, all of which have horrible records of torture & murder of Christians are treated as best friends by our govt. In Saudi Arabia there is a $3,000 reward for exposing a home Bible study class. Open-air Islamic slave markets sell kidnapped Christian women for slaves for as low as $15 in Khartoum. Recently, in the city in China nicknamed “the Jerusalem of China” 200 churches were destroyed by the Chinese regime.

A CRIME TO BE A CHRISTIAN? The American Constitution’s Bill of Rights states clearly that the govt. should make “no law…of religion…prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Does the reader understand the meaning of this??? The U.S. government is Constitutionally FORBIDDEN to interfere with anyone practicing his religion. Read the plain language for yourself. The founders made it blatantly clear what they meant. In fact, a study by the Univ. of Houston of 15,000 documents that the founding fathers wrote from 1760-1805…and they gathered up 100% of what could be found…94% of those documents quoted scripture!! America was viewed as the redeemer nation to lead the way to Christ for the rest of the world. And until approx. a decade ago, America supplied most of the missionaries around the world.

But today, Christians are second class citizens…exercise your 1st amendment right in public–and you may be arrested. Bring a Bible to school to read on your spare time, & some schools have expelled the student. Say a prayer before you eat at noon, some students have been expelled. It’s happened. A public school near here has a satanic club meeting after school hours. I remember a Christian student back in the early ’80s being expelled for 3 days because he passed a note in the hall to remind a fellow member of FCA that there was a Christian club meeting after school. The false pretext was “separation of church & state”. The term “separation of church & state” was not used by our founding fathers during the formation of our nation. It first appeared in 1805 in a letter!! Here is my comment that I wish everyone would shout from the highest points, the public arena does not just belong to anti-Christians…it belongs to us Christians as well. The public schools can actively promote occultism & witchcraft, humanism, & Islam…and yet anything that smacks of being Christian is banned—even the word “Christmas” in the schools of some states.

WRAPPING THIS UP. We Christians are fighting a culture of death…we are pro-life, pro-liberty, and pro-family. Our opponents are against these things. Some asleep Christians think persecution will never happen here, or if it does, they will be gone with the rapture. Their poor theology & escapist thinking is a blind spot. Suffering is part of the true church’s mission. Dietrich Bonhoeffer is a major inspiration to the persecuted church of China. They love what he said about “cheap grace” and how the real Christians should have life together (community) or in German “gemeinsames Leben”. They love his statement: A state that threatens the proclamation of the Christian message negates itself.” Don’t forget my friend that history is full of God casting down the mighty from their thrones, and scattering the proud in their conceit. Final thought: All that is needed for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. May God fill us with His Spirit & more faith & the wisdom to stand for Him. Have a good one my friend.

(A) 1 COR 12:26 (B) JN 16:2 (C) A couple sources verify this…a 1/23/’96 informal interview w/ Samuel Cotton who made the call confirmed it (D) MT 24:9, 2 TIM 3:12 (E) MT 24:13, REV 21:7-8 (F) ROM 8:31-39 (G) MT 10:28 (H) HEB 12:2 (I) 1 PTR 4:13 (J) REV 12:11 (K) NEH 9:26, MT 23:37 (L) besides history, we see this at 1 PTR 4:14, ACTS 7:55 (M) examples: 1 PTR 1:11, 4:13-14, HEB 2:9, ROM 8:17-18…we will even reign w/ Christ -2 TIM 2:12 (N) there are modern accounts of this, & a Biblical one about James in ACTS 12:2


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