The fact that the FBI reopened the email investigation into Hillary, indicates more to me than just they supposedly found new evidence. No, it indicates to me that there is a faction in the FBI who are still loyal to America, and have not bought into the socialist Illuminati agenda of Obama & Hillary. This is very significant, because in spite of all the Wikileaks, we have only heard but a small fraction of the treasonous crimes Obama and his whole administration have done, and lots of it is tied to the Clinton Foundation. Or to put it bluntly, the high govt. officials that move in the swampland of Washington, D.C. are by & large all guilty of treason. No wonder some of them are switching sides or selling houses and preparing to go overseas. I was slightly disappointed that more people didn’t positively react to me posting about the Clinton Foundation moving $1.8 billion to a Qatar bank this last week. The rats are preparing to flee the sinking ship.

UNDERSTANDING HILLARY & OBAMA BETTER. There have been documentaries & speakers before me who have exposed the communist connections of Hillary & Obama…but it seems these important facts get forgotten…so let me bring them up again. Hillary when she moved into the Arkansas governor’s mansion, proudly wore a button “Proud member of the Communist Party”. Socialist Obama was mentored back in the day by a KGB agent. Now it makes more sense why the Communist Party of US is endorsing Hillary for President in 2016 (so are some Luciferian covens)…while most Americans want to endorse her for Prison. There is no way that back during the Cold War that an American could have been excited about being a member of the Communist Party and have any loyalty to our Constitution or American values. That is not what it stood for. Hillary has no loyalty to America, nor does Obama. Anything they say in that regards is lip service so they have less opposition in dismantling this nation. And during the Obama administration that is what they have been doing. And the evidence is there, and their actions in doing this have been criminally treasonous. In fact, when the iron curtain fell, my initial reaction was that this was a communist trick to let us get our guard down so that socialism could be brought into America. That is exactly what Anatoly Golitsyn had warned about. But by 1993, I had dropped that view, but now realize I was wrong in dropping it. Our internal socialists (communists) waited until this nation’s guard was down and then got into power and began their work. With a loyal faction of the FBI still functioning, we could see some serious events unravel in the near future. People you are seeing a bloodless revolution!!!

CONCLUDING THOUGHTS. Evil always contains the seed of its own destruction. By pridefully refusing to cut their losses with Hillary, and replacing her with a more viable candidate…and by insisting on trying to win the election by lies & propaganda and voter fraud, the elite have just exposed themselves even more. Nothing in my life has exposed the Illuminati and their evil ways more than Hillary’s campaign. Things I have said for years, people are now seeing before their eyes. How they will react? If Hillary’s campaign is any indication—instead of cutting their losses and retreating, the global elite will react by trying to crash the economy, start a war, & who knows what else, there are quite a few nasty options. But what they don’t realize is that people have caught onto their game. I bump into common people on the street now who know me…and there are hundreds of others like me now out there exposing things! If they try to pull the crap they did to start WW 1 & WW 2, people are not going to be fooled. Instant global communication has come full circle to bite them in their butts. My experience is that they won’t back down, they are too blinded by pride to see the writing on the wall. This planet is in for a rough ride.


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