A discussion of current vulnerabilities. Those who are watching world events can feel it, can almost smell the danger…but what will it be? Nibiru? A false flag Islamic attack on London? A false flag blamed on Russia, Syria, or Iran? Or will North Korea’s mad dictator Kim Jong-un actually do one of the crazy things he keeps threatening to do? And why are several nations besides Germany now telling their citizens to stock up on emergency supplies & water? The Russian people have been stocking up food this last month on the belief WW 3 is going to break out. And if all these things were not enough, it is obvious the globalists are scrambling to find some way to prevent Trump from becoming the new American president. Obama has about 9 weeks left to cause something to stop the elections from happening.

FALSE FLAGS. The terrorist attacks have become a staple item in how events are playing out the script. There is no reason to expect them to stop. To many people are believing the media story lines around these events, and people’s reactions of horror are strong enough to ram any agenda through. The question then simply becomes…which story line will the stringpulling globalists attach to the upcoming terrorist attacks? Who will the boogeyman be?? Who will be demonized?

NEW TYPES OF WARFARE. When airplanes began to be used for warfare, there were many hints of how they could be used to sink battleships & other capital warships. There were repeated incidents that hinted of the airplane’s ability to launch torpedoes & sink battleships before Pearl Harbor. But people were slow to change their perceptions therefore making us vulnerable. In Aug. ’40, British aircraft carrier planes sank 4 Italian naval vessels in Bomba Harbor & a short time later on a night in Nov., ’40 British aircraft carrier launched warplanes took out 3 Italian battleships at the highly guarded Taranto Harbor, Italy. The fact that aircraft carrier warfare would take place had been repeatedly signaled before Pearl Harbor. Likewise cyberspace battles were taking place as small isolated incidents, until the “Taranto-like” cyber attack by the U.S. from June 2012 to June 2013 signaled an era of new warfare was upon us. This attack should have alerted everyone, just like Taranto should have, that a Pearl Harbor attack was on the way. But just like the stringpullers did back then, the stringpullers today are intentionally allowing us NOT to realize the danger. When the admiral in charge of Pearl Harbor tried to warn that Japan could carry out a Taranto-like carrier strike on Pearl Harbor, he was fired! And just like Pearl Harbor, most people will be surprised & shocked when we are hit with a cyber Pearl Harbor.

OPERATION OLYMPIC GAMES. If you are not aware of the offensive cyber attack called Operation Olympic Games in 2012-13, you will be by the time you read this paragraph. The attack had several parts to it. One was the software package Stuxnet. This virus was sent out en mass. It infected computers worldwide, but it was benign unless it was infecting a specific system, which was running the Siemens programmable logic used by the Iranian centrifuges that refined and enriched uranium to nuclear weapons-grade. These centrifuges were controlled by computers (which were not linked to the Internet). So the virus had to be ubiquitous enough to be accidently loaded onto the machines by a thumb drive!! The virus would cause the centrifuges to open & close valves so the motors would tear themselves up. The malware used 5 vulnerabilities that are called “zero day” vulnerabilities, called that because no one is aware of these software vulnerabilities, so the victim of the attack has zero days to protect themselves from the attack. The Iranian operators at the controls would meanwhile be given bogus sensing information so they would not know what was going on. It was a very sophisticated cyberattack authorized by Pres. Geo. Bush.

The Iranians lost 1,000 machines before it was detected, and it slowed their nuclear program down…although it is debated how much. Iran claims it did not slow their program…but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Flame was another software package part of the attack which infected middle east computers and sent back secret pdf files to the NSA without detection. At any rate, the sophisticated Operation Olympic Games cyber attack signaled a new era of warfare; malware was not being used to steal info, (which the Red Chinese have done all over the world, incl. our top secret military equipment, like the F-35)…but now it was being used to cause a physical damage. Do you see how vulnerable America is to this new warfare? Much of our infrastructure is now run by computers!! Imagine an enemy attacking us, like the idiot Bush attacked Iran. What is not run by a computer? Imagine banks, airports, and factories being hacked with viruses and their software malfunctioning. In open warfare, the attacker will not have to be as subtle and sneaky as the NSA was with Iran. This new precedence could have disastrous consequences as bad as nuclear war! And there is nothing to stop it from happening!!! So be prepared for a cyber Pearl Harbor surprise!!

WEATHER WAR. As I wrote in an earlier post, we are in a weather war with Russia. Soon the worst storm ever is to hit the east coast…the Russian govt. is warning their people, but ours is not. These weather wars will destroy food stores and food production. You will notice that the elite have big plans for worldwide food shortages. What do they know that the common man doesn’t??

FINAL COMMENTS. Unfortunately, I am out of time to extend this article…so this will have to do. I am thinking of shifting these kinds of secular articles to a venue when I can get some monetary rewards. For sure I will continue posting free spiritual articles on Facebook as time & inspiration permit. We live in dangerous times, I’m sorry such is the case…we just have to make the best of difficult circumstances. All the best to you my friend, until next time.


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