This article builds further on my article/shared video on how the Pentagon was researching how to destroy the God gene that allows us to realize God’s presence. Steven Ben-Nun lives in Prague. When I was in Prague in October, I spent parts of two days getting to know him & his lovely wife Jana. This article is the result of Steven Ben-Nun putting some pieces together for me in his 12 DEC ’16 talk. It will help explain how our genetics could contribute to an end time international revival on the intensity of various revivals, such as the Nashville 1885 revival, the Welsh 1904 & the Azusa Street 1906 revivals where people repented & obeyed the Spirit, & confessed Christ in moves that transformed communities. Remember in American history there were a no. of large revivals. If Ninevah, a city like NYC, could repent, a “revival” today is not impossible. The Spirit of God goes where He wills (A) and plants seeds.(B) Some expect the 2 witnesses of REV 11, to bring some kind of revival. Note that groups of people, who previously knew God, have fallen away; & in recent years the Spirit has been working mightily in places like China! It appears that the enemies of God are working on a sinister plan to prevent & inhibit a new move of the Spirit by manipulating our DNA memories of God to be turned off!! Wow. And to deflect things are creating fake revivals with mind control.

RECENT RESEARCH. Steven is not the only researcher focused on DNA memory. The latest computer research has turned to DNA as the next vehicle for computer data storage. Bio-tech/computer researchers have figured out how to store digital data on DNA. So they can take 200 megabytes of computer data and store it in a fraction of a drop of liquid. They simply had to figure out a way to convert 1s & 0s (base 2 code-represented by on & off) into As, Cs, Ts, & Gs. If you were to take 100 large computer centers like the NSA’s Ft. Meade, you could condense all their data into a shoe box of DNA.(C) The size of DNA code units are .5 nanometer, while current silicon transistors are 10 nanometers at best. But there is not simply a 20x size ratio improvement–DNA is packed 3D while silicon wafers are on flat planes that can’t be stacked too much or else they overheat. So the size improvement is thousands of times better. And the DNA memory functions like RAM (random access memory), easy to retrieve. The article (C) also explains how blocker proteins can preclude transcription of a portion of DNA, and how portions of DNA in humans can be turned on or off–given expression. Medical science has already been dealing with this phenomena…only now we have the added activity of the elite trying to suppress the expression of godly memories.

RUSSIAN RESEARCH. Steven is able to read the Russian articles, so he often shares things that are in Russian, that the rest of us miss. Russian geneticists working with linguists realized that what the western scientists were calling “junk DNA” was actually data stored in linguistically logical language that has syntax, rules & grammar like any human language. So vast amounts of information have been stored in human DNA.

MEMORY IS PASSED FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION BY DNA. Over the many years, I have taken note of several phenomena…research has proven that memory is passed via DNA from one generation to another. This phenomena is why the trauma-based mind control was called Monarch mind control, because the Monarch butterfly was where they first recognized how DNA can pass memories from one generation to the next. What I did not realize is the Word of God strongly hints that knowledge of God & His commandments is passed genetically down through the generations. (More on this later.) And while I realized that the elite mind control experts were trying to manipulate our DNA memories, it had not occurred to me (until I listened to Steven) that part of what they are doing is trying to suppress our DNA memories of God & His commandments that we have from our ancestors!! Steven says that the RFID chips (& other things) are designed to manipulate our DNA and will be used to suppress the expression of things related to God. Just one example of DNA memory manipulation is found in an article that states: “Reversible changes in DNA regulate the production of proteins that give memories their staging power.”(D) In other words, molecular alterations to DNA can shut down memories or activate them.

ALTERED STATES. I took note of this 1980 film & Chayefsky’s novel it was based on because the novel & script were actually based on the research of mind control researcher John C. Lilly who ran sensory deprivation isolation tanks. I mention Lilly in my mind control books, and how the base programming is put in using guided imagery from a combo of Fantasia, LSD and sensory deprivation tanks. Lilly, when he did his sensory deprivation experiments discovered that ancient memories were stored in our DNA. So the movie Altered States has the researcher Jessup regressing to ancient DNA memories. The movie is fiction–but the research wasn’t. And I hadn’t realized the implication for godly memories. I have noticed that often a particular trait will skip a generation and come back with a fury in the grandchildren. A godly grandparent may watch her child rebel and reject Christ, but then her grandchild becomes a fervent Christian. In a way, that happened with me. My parent’s generation left Christ, but my sister & I are Christians. But my best personal example is how I naturally had a flair for drafting (I believe inherited genetically by DNA from my engineer father). So strong was my natural flair that it has amazed teachers. My ITT drafting instructor told people that I was the best manual drafter in the Pacific NW. (But I have no natural flair for working with computer drafting; I had to struggle hard to make straight A’s. Only my work ethic got me through.) Steven gave a similar example from his life, & I would expect readers may also have some of their own.

SCRIPTURAL HINTS ABOUT OUR DNA MEMORIES OF GOD & HIS COMMANDMENTS. “The Word of God abideth in you”(E) “Therefore shall ye lay up these words in your heart and in your soul…”(F) The most descriptive place that hints of DNA memory of God’s commandments is in the apocryphal book Assumption of Moses, which describes Moses when he is getting old speaking to Joshua ben Nun in chapt. 1: “how to preserve the books which I shall deliver to you…anoint them with oil of cedar and put them away in earthen vessels in the place which He made from the beginning of the creation of the world.” The pt. here is that the only earthen vessels made back in the beginning of creation was mankind. There are also scriptural hints that one’s DNA memories of God can be darkened or turned off. (G) In DT 30, one of my favorite chapters because it is where God says we are offered life or death, and He encourages us to choose life…in this chapter it also speaks of God’s commandments. The Word says it is not in heaven, or beyond the sea, but very close to you …”that you may do it”. (H) It makes sense that we have memories from the ancient past of God’s commandments inside of us. How do genetic memories surface?–they surface into the unconscious mind, and get acted upon by the conscious. This being the case…and the satanic elite know all this, then it stands to reason that they are indeed plotting to prevent us from activating those godly memories. Steven talks about how the implanted chips could do this. All the more reason not to take them! Be blessed my friend.

(A) JN 3:8 (B) MT 13:25-40 (C) Templeton, Graham. “How DNA Data Storage Works”, PC Magazine (Sept. 1, 2016) (D) Sherman, Carl. “Molecular Alterations of DNA Contribute to Persistence of Memory”. Nida Notes. (1 NOV 2011, pg. 1-5) (E) 1 JN 2:14 (F) DT 11:18 (G) ISA 44:16-20, ROM 11:5-11 (H) DT 30:10-15


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