What if I were to tell you that bankers, royalty, communists, Nazis (future ones), occultists & other important folks all quietly got together at a conference put on by Luciferians (the OTO & the Theosophical Society) held in Switzerland on Aug 15-25, 1917 prior to the Oct. 1917 Russian Revolution & the Jan. 1919 founding of the Nazi party!?! Yeah buddy!! The name of the conference was “Anational Congress for Organizing the Reconstruction of Society on Practical Cooperative Lines”.

This conference was held near the southern Swiss town of Ascona which sits on Lake Maggiore on a mountain called Monte Veritas. The place contains dozens of buildings & Luciferian & pagan temples. The OTO sponsored the Ascona Conference; & their conference program carried on its front page the slogan: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY. The Theosophical Society has included Illuminati members & key historical figures incl.: HPB, Anne Besant, Alice Bailey ( fndr of over 100 new age groups & est. modern U.S. education), Manly P. Hall, Adolf Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi & many others. Around 1900, the Society established a Theosophical monastery at Monte Monesia (which they renamed Monte Verita–“mountain of truth”). It’s in the Swiss Canton of Ticino where Italian is spoken. Interestingly, the Viscounti family, which I exposed, influenced this area after 1400. Anyway, the monastery was a commune where free sex, nudism, occultism, socialism, & vegetarianism was practiced. Fidus created Luciferian temples, which he planned to replicate when Hitler won the next war. Freemason Theodor Reuss built his Verita Mistica (VM) OTO lodge at the monastery also.

OTO. There are 4 organizations that carry this name. The most powerful one is a distillation of Illuminati occult power (as you will see later when I name some of the attendees). OTO members who attended this conference incl.: Isadora Duncan (an Amer. from San Francisco), Franz Hartmann, Rudolf von Laban, Gustav Nagel, Rudolf Steiner (Mason & fndr Anthroposophie), & Theodor Reuss.

COMMUNISTS & ANARCHISTS at the conference. The socialist Raphael Friedeberg was on hand to welcome the communists. Even though Lenin was supposedly in Finnland, he & Trotsky were actually at this conference. So was Michael Bakunin & his friends. Bakunin had butted heads with Marx. (All these men had studied Hegel!) To continue…Hugo Ball (the Anarchist fndr. of Dadaism), Ernst Toller (fndr & pres. of Bavarian Socialist Republic), Erich Mühsam, and Frieda & Else von Richthofen.

Future NAZIS at the conference: Baron Eduard von der Heydt (Banker), Stefan George (an occultist/theosophist who created lots of Nazi theory incl. ” The 1000 yr. Reich”), Fidus (Hugo R.K.J. Höppener) and last on my list (but not least) Rudolf von Sebottendorf (1875-1945). Von Sebottendorf (born Adam Glauer) was a major player in the creation of the Nazi party. He joined the Germanen Order, and then created an offshoot the Thule Society, whose membership looks like a who’s who of the future Nazi party. Members of the Thule Society created the German Worker’s Party in Jan 1919 and Hitler joined later that year & changed its name, which when abbreviated is “Nazi”. It’s said von Sebottendorf trained Hitler. He was an occultist, theosophist, Sufi & Freemason.

INFLUENTIAL WRITERS at the conference: Hermann Hesse, Franz Kafka, Eric Maria Remarque, & Leo Tolstoy.

MAJOR PSYCHOLOGISTS at the conference: Otto Gross (who not only was a student of Freud, but influenced both Freud & Jung), & Carl Jung (who was led by the demon Philemon).

SOME OTHER ATTENDEES OF NOTE: King Leopold II of Belgium ( Qn. Victoria’s Cousin & Illum.), Prince Wilhelm von Preußen (son of the German emperor), witch Mary Wigman, occultist Max Weber, Walter Segal ( a Jewish green architect), & Gustav Stresemann (a mason & chancellor of the Weimar Republic).


MODERN TIMES. After this meeting in 1917, Theosophists moved to Calif. In the 1960’s, with help from the CIA, theosophists recreated their Ascona lifestyle in California. This was the start of the Hippie movement. Gypsy Boots (1915-2004) is a Theosophist whose an example of this. He was promoted by bands & Hollywood. Hans Habe, an American intelligence agent in psychological warfare & Theosophist moved to the Ascona monastery. He, by the way, married the heiress of General Foods.

In Ascona, the Museum of Modern Art displays the art of Paul Klee & Alexej von Jawlensky, both attendees of the 2017 centennial conference.

These kinds of conferences have gone on throughout history. They are evidence of the Illuminati’s hidden hand behind the events of history. While God remains ultimately in control, these people have sold their souls & minds to Lucifer. Now you know about the 1917 conference, what was it’s centennial like?


Who were the attendees at the OTO’s conference held 26 AUG, 2017 100 yrs. after the one I just exposed?

In describing the centennial, I will mention obscure Luciferian-types who the reader won’t recognize. The centennial conference, also held at the Monte Verita Hotel, Ascona was co-sponsored by the OTO Grand Lodge of Italy (Gran Loggia d’Italia), whose Grandmaster Frater Phones X° is an international traveller. Around 75 attended, mostly OTO members.

The purpose of the conference in 2017 was vastly different than the first one; (just bear in mind how successful the first one was!). In 2017 there were lots of academics (professors) giving scholarly talks on Thelemic subjects. The lesson to us here is how much Luciferianism is now mainstreamed into the Western World’s universities!

One participant was ANTIFA ACTIVIST Patrizia Ebner. Antifa has been financed by the Illuminati, and attacks people who are exposing the New World Order.

MUSICIAN. One attendee/speaker who was not a professor/academic was William Breeze, an American musician. He’s the OTO’s outer head, considered by some to be a Gnostic prophet. He joined his Gnostic Catholic Church to the OTO in 1986, & is head of the liturgical arm of the OTO. His title is Sovereign Patriarch of Ecclesia Gnostics Catholics. His “Catholic” church is outright Luciferian. Breeze has at least 2 occult names: Hymenaeus Beta & Tau Silenus.

SCANDINAVIAN ATTENDEES incl. Henrik Bodgen & Chris Giudice, who are both OTO members & professors at the Univ. of Gothenburg, Sweden. Then there was Jesper Asgard Petersen, a Danish prof. at NTNU. Another attendee was feminist Manon Hedenborg, a prof. at Karlstadt Univ., Sweden.

OTHER EUROPEAN ATTENDEES incl. speaker Marco Paso, a Hermetic philosopher/professor at Univ. of Amsterdam; and the Italian professor & occult dancer Silvia Berti from the Sapeenza Univ., Rome.

SOME NORTH AMERICAN ATTENDEES: Gorda Djurdjevic (OTO, immigrant to Can., occult author, prof. Univ. of Br. Columbia), Stephen J. King (OTO), Keith Cantu (OTO, prof. in CA & WA), Richard Kaczynski (Amer. writer said to be world’s leading expert on Crowley), & William Peters (OTO). I’ve written several times on the OTO…bear in mind Scientology has connections to the OTO. (Also noteworthy, although he was not an attendee, Jack Parsons of the JPL was OTO.)

From Australia came the famous artist Robert Buratti, who was a Crowley fan like the other attendees. The OTO has had lodges in Australia, as well as the U.K. 3 sites being Bristol, Hastings, & Leeds. I’d have to spend more time to give a more comprehensive list of their lodges.

One of the meeting slogans was “Love is the law, love under will”. As pointed out, attendees looked up to Crowley, & often were teachers in higher education.

MORE CONNECTIONS. As I said, many other meetings like the 1917 conference have taken place. Let’s describe 2 other historical events that are slightly reminiscent of the 1917 Ascona Conference put on by the Luciferians of the OTO & the Theosophical Society.

A GATHERING. This gathering happened in Vienna in 1913 during the reign of the elite Habsburg bloodline. It’s an interesting historical situation that Hitler, Stalin, Trotsky & Freud all lived in the inner city (Innere Stadt) of Vienna, basically a 2 sq. mile area. We know that Stalin & Trotsky spent time together. We know that Hitler & Trotsky hung out at the same coffee shop, Cafe Central (Herrengasse 14); and Freud’s coffee shop, Cafe Landtmann (Universitätsring 4) was just a short walk to the NE, across from the Ratshaus that Hitler painted. Perhaps while painting across the street, Hitler took a break & also went in to Cafe Landtmann. Additionally, Tito was working just to the south of all this.

THE VIENNESE INTELLECTUAL COMMUNITY. Charles Emerson, part of the elite (Illum.) Chatham House wrote: “(The) Viennese intellectual community was actually quite small and everyone knew each other…” James H. Billington, a top historian, described how the French Revolution was planned in Paris coffee shops. (See Billington’s detailed book Fire On the Minds of Men).

In the mornings, Hitler would read the papers & discuss politics with others who lived in his large dorm. No doubt he talked the same subjects later in the coffee shop Cafe Central.

HITLER IN 1913. Hitler, when he lived in Vienna, showed no signs of what he became later. At this period in his live, he associated almost exclusively with Jews (& bear in mind Stalin, Trotsky & Freud were all Jews). Hitler’s business partners at this time were 2 Jews: Samuel Morgenstern & Jakob Altenberg. His friends were: Josef Neumann, Simon Robinson, Siegfried Löffner, & perhaps Reinhard Hanisch…all Jews. So it would be consistent with who he associated with if he’d talked to Trotsky & Freud.

Jakob Altenberg, who saw him basically all the time during this Vienna time period, said he’d never heard Hitler utter an anti-Semitic remark. This is different than what Hitler’s ghost written book Mein Kampf says about these days, which makes out like he already hated Jews. Hitler mentioned to Nazi historian Peter Jahn in 1937 that his partner/friend Morgenstern had been his “financial savior”. We are being misled about Hitler’s real life. I brought out in my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book that Hitler was a bastard Rothschild, due to his grandmother being impregnated by one of them as a Rothschild servant.

WHERE THEY LIVED. Hitler (then 24) lived at a large, modern dorm on Meldermannstrasse. Freud lived & worked on Berggasse. Tito worked at the Daimer’s auto factory at Wiener Neustadt. And Emperor Franz Joseph lived nearby in Hofburg palace. By the way, Hitler walked all over the inner city painting all the interesting buildings incl. churches like: Michaelkirche, Karlskirche, Schottenkirche, & Kirche Maria am Gestade.

2ND EVENT. There was an Italian aristocrat who claimed he’d eaten a child & who lived a debauched life named Gabriele D’ Annunzio who started in 1919 a number of communes in & around Fiume that remind me of the Ascona commune. Actually, Ascona is not far from Fiume.

Gabriele D’ Annunzio (1863-1938) was the role model & personal advisor to Benito Mussolini. Annunzio was the head of the city-state of Fiume from 1920-24. Mussolini copied his style of leadership, for instance, balcony addresses to the people, the Roman salute, & having one’s personal bodyguard unit wear blackshirts.

ANNUNZIO. In 1910, he collaborated with french composer Claude Debussy, leader of the Priory of Sion & mmbr of the Illuminati’s Merovingian bloodline on a musical play. For several years he lived with his girlfriend Gaby Dupont. He used cocaine. As Fiume’s dictator his Constitution states that the State does not recognize “the ownership of property as…a personal right.” That’s right, his communes had all kinds of sex and no ownership of property. The logo of his nation “The Italian Regency of Carnaro” (aka Fiume) was the Illuminati oroborus, a snake swallowing it’s tail.

DECADENT ART. Annunzio was part of the Decadent art movement, which began in the late 19th century. It was fascinated with death, material excess, the bizarre, with self disgust, perversion & general skepticism. Most of the early Italian Decadent artists died of suicide, alcohol, or disease. People reacted to Annunzio either as a revolting, decadent & depraved person perverting public morals or as a liberator bringing fresh air to society. I have to wonder what if any were Annunzio’s connection to the OTO and the Theosophical Society. They seemed to be “birds of a feather”.

There you have it, two intriguing scenarios to excite the researcher’s curiosity. What lies beneath the facts I can provide you?? Where was the hidden hand in all this??


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