EXCHANGING THE TRUTH FOR LIES: An article on what the Roman Catholic Church has failed to give humanity, and some of the deceptions they gave us instead. (12 SEPT ’16) The Roman Catholic Church has secret libraries & hidden underground rooms of artifacts containing secrets that could help mankind, but they won’t divulge this info. They had one of the original powerful intelligence agencies which still survives, although you don’t hear about it. How does it compare to other intelligence agencies? I lack info to make a comparison. The regular Catholic channels of communication are focused on religious issues–but the Jesuit communication get political. (And then there is their focus on finances, like working with P2 Freemasonry & criminals to make money.) As the Catholic church is an instrument of the Illuminati, and works closely with U.S. intelligence, esp. our CIA… in the murky world of spookdom it gets difficult to pinpoint where the final allegiance of a spook resides, and plenty have ties to the Jesuits. I find it interesting that Obama respects & loves Pope Francis, and hates Trump!

MYSTERY RELIGIONS. I rarely talk about the mystery religion aspects of the Vatican because Hislop’s Two Babylons, and other works have done such a good job at showing how the Vatican at its essence is the continuation of the mystery religions. (Why reinvent the wheel-?- when the facts have been presented by others and are in plain view if one stops to think about it.) And the mystery religions are methods the elite have to control the masses, as well as to secretly worship esoteric symbols that (when ultimately fully understood) are Lucifer worship. Sun & Saturn worship are exoteric symbols for Lucifer, the light bearer. (I described this in Be Wise As Serpents). The main satanic worship site for the Vatican satanic covens is in the San Lorenzo church in Piscibus, Italy which dates to the 4th century. Piscibus refers to fish, incl. the elite de Piscibus family. “Fish” also relates to the Illuminati fisher kings & Dagon, the fish god who the Pope represents, with his Dagon miter hat. (Tim Alberino refers to the church as San Bernedetto in his excellent new documentary…but I believe its San Lorenzo…perhaps something to talk with him about tomorrow as we make a youtube video together on some exciting topics.)

UNKNOWN HISTORY. If the history of the deceptions and horrors of the Catholic church were known to people, they would realize the church was conceived in hell by Satan. I will barely scratch the surface with just a few tidbits here to give a small taste of the real thing. The popes wanted to assert themselves as Christ’s vicar…basically the idea that the pope is Christ and the co-ruler with him of human affairs, so during the 9th century a collection of documents (called the Isidorian Decretals) was shown which pretended to be from apostolic times and said that the pope was the vicar of Christ and God’s rightful arbiter of all human affairs. Later, the documents were found to be forgeries. When Henry VIII broke with the Pope & the Roman Catholic church, he shut down all the monasteries and convents, and when the Kings men did, they were full of surprises. At Hales, they discovered an elaborate ruse. The monastery claimed to have a sample of Christ’s blood, but gross sinners could not see it. Monks used fresh duck blood in a vial, which had two sides, a clear side, and the other thick & opaque. When a rich pilgrim came the clear side would not be shown until they had extracted all the money in offerings from the person to redeem his sins. The men found 3 claimed heads of St. Ursala in the holy relics, and 11 girdles of the virgin Mary in various places. The monks even supposedly had the “holy” coals that roasted St. Lawrence–the person who San Lorenzo church above was named after. The monks would distribute pieces of “St. Thomas’s shirt” to women with big bellies–supposedly a cure. A crucifix that was claimed to be miraculously alive because it would move its eyes & lips, was broken apart and exposed to have wheels & springs that mechanically caused the miracle when needed. So much for the deceptions, now for a brief mention of the horrors… A history of all the brutal murders of true Christians down through the ages is truly sickening. Martyr’s Mirror is the best year-by-year record, but Foxes Book of Martyrs also has some of the stories. Now coming forward…to today…

ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH’S NEW ROLE. There are too many tainted Catholic groups to mention here…but most have heard how Pope Francis is a Jesuit Pope & Luciferian. No doubt. In my Be Wise As Serpents book, I provided some of the details how the Catholic church will play a big role in this coming new world order. Opus Dei is studying how the Roman Catholic church can convince humanity to accept the new alien info (what true Christians would call doctrines of demons) that is going to be presented to the world to convince the World that we came from aliens, Jesus was an alien, the Bible is false, blah blah blah. With the weight of the Pope and other leaders behind it–and the mass media–it will be hard to dispute. Who knows what kind of evidence will be produced…and how long will it take mankind to discover that it is forgeries like the Isidorian Decretals??? Vatican officials have already said that they are working with the advanced guard of the aliens to prepare humanity for them. Hmmm…bear in mind these Vatican officials working with these aliens are SATANISTS!! For almost 30 yrs. I have been warning people that these aliens are not alien–they have been around for longer than the rest of us. They certainly deserve resident status! They are what the Bible calls Fallen Angels and demons. I have written a number of articles on demonic portals–and I highly recommend Timothy Alberino’s GEN 6 documentary: True Legends – Episode 2: The UnHoly See. He does an excellent job of exposing the portals. I was thinking the Lucifer telescope was on Mt. Graham in Arizona—not to do regular astronomy but to have an institution over a portal. Episode 2 confirms that. I was amazed how a Catholic person assoc. with the telescope spelled out in an interview with Tim that the mountain was important because it was a portal. The Apache tribe had fought in vain the construction of the Lucifer telescope on this sacred mountain. It is a stargate for fallen angels.

FINAL THOUGHTS. So the Vatican could be warning humanity about the coming great deception by Satan’s host of fallen angels and demons. But instead they are actively working on being a big part of the coming great deception! Interesting that some in the Illuminati told me as much, and then Tim and Steve Quayle document it. If you can, then watch GEN 6’s True Legends – Episode 2.


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