EVIL & THE ANGEL OF DEATH: An historical look at evil & the Illuminati’s all-time best trauma-based mind control programmer. (2 APR ’16) This article will help us by increasing our wisdom in understanding evil, as well as documenting some historical details about t.b. mind control. Up to now, the primary biography on Mengele was written by a member of the Astor Illum. bloodline.(A) Satan’s color is green, one of Mengele’s names was Dr. Green.

GOOD & EVIL CAN HAVE THE SAME FACE; the Word of God says Satan appears as an angel of light. Satan has an evil smile; & one gets a feel for it in the 1997 movie Devil’s Advocate where Al Pacino does a grand job of illustrating how the brilliant Satan can manifest his pure evil with a smile. You need a Satan to explain the level of evil that the evil genius Joseph Mengele reached as the Illuminati’s all-time star programmer. There are plenty of people (usually occultists) who try to convince us that evil is purely a human invention; for instance, Nietzche said, “Man is the cruelest animal.” No. No. & No! This level of evil can only be explained by realizing that people are taken over by a supernatural force (as the movie Devil’s Advocate does so well to show the hidden dimensions…when Kevin Lomax, played by Keanu Reeves realizes he is Satan’s son, & consequently, that there has been a major hidden dimension to his life!) And as another movie explains so well, in a statement by David Wong (in John Dies at the End): “Son, the greatest trick the Devil pulled was convincing the world there was only one of him.” This article looks at one of Satan’s manifestations, known as the Angel of Death while he was alive… Joseph Mengele, who was a Grand Master (later Ipssimus) in the Illuminati, and was protected by our intelligence agencies (& other collaborating acronym monsters) so he could program American children w/ t.b.m.c. Such was the protection that the $4million reward for info for his arrest after WW2 was never received by anyone. Mengele’s conc. camp research, housed at Suitland Annex, is still classified.

EVIL? People tell me that evil & Satan are merely things I have invented in my own mind. While I am not a fan of Ayn Rand, mistress of a Rothschild, she says something so well in Atlas Shrugged, that it is appropriate to quote it here: “The man who refuses to judge, who neither agrees nor disagrees, who declares that there are no absolutes and believes that he escapes responsibility, is the man responsible for all the blood that is now spilled in the world. Reality is an absolute, existence is an absolute, a speck of dust is an absolute and so is a human life. Whether you live or die is an absolute. Whether you have a piece of bread or not, is an absolute. Whether you eat your bread or see it vanish into a looter’s stomach, is an absolute.” Joseph Mengele was an SS medical captain who began working as a Lagerartz at Auschitz in May 1943, who made the decision while smiling which of the incoming slaves would live or die. He loved to choose whether someone lived or died. It is estimated he pointed 300,000 people to their deaths. He was totally indifferent to human suffering. For instance, he could do an amputation on a person with no anesthesia without batting on eyelash. It has been said that EVIL begins when you begin to treat people as things (& not wonderful creatures made in the image of God.) Why did Mengele frequently lie (besides the fact his spiritual father was the Father of lies), even though he was “an honest person”? He lied to hide the evil he was doing to people. Some people contend the Nazi SS believed in what they were doing was good. If so, why all the secrecy & lies? They pretended & lied to themselves they were good—otherwise who could live with doing evil? Some of the conc. camp survivors (& m.c. survivors) of Mengele still called him “papa” and “Väterchen” (papa & daddy). He began t.b.m.c. programming in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

DESCRIPTION OF PURE EVIL. Here is an incredible description of Mengele by one of the American children he programmed (after WW2) with trauma-based mind control. I wanted to record this description for posterity, it is so good. Here it is: “BTW [by the way], I listened again to my odd recording about Papa Mengele last night,[a record of memories]. Papa was a dictator. He was an evil man with no feelings. His feelings were sterile, as he had none but anger, contempt and hate. And sometimes he was curious. He had a scientific mind. He was a very intelligent man. But he was bent on destruction with hardly the blink of a (spiritually discerning) eye. That’s what was hypnotic about him. He was able to get your attention IMMEDIATELY. He loved cruelty so much — as a curious, intelligent scientist with no morality whatsoever — that it was almost like he wasn’t cruel at all. It was just normal for him — this nightmare of a man who was dual at times. Add to that, he was handsome; and it felt mixed up to be with him. Because he could be nice in odd, suspicious ways… But, sometimes he was so cruel it was hard to believe. It was beyond your imagination of evil. You had to hide any of your emotions as you watched in horror and disbelief what he did, even like his anger igniting like a match. He could go into a rage that you never wanted to see again in your lifetime. His entire body became energized and vibrated from his venom. Everyone around was traumatized. And he was GOD!! He let us know that.

“Papa often anally raped me as his “morning exercise.” Then he had me clean up. And he made me love it and thank him for hurting me. I was numb. I was grateful to be alive (even brought back from the dead many times). Blind loyalty and love of Papa was all I could think of. ABSOLUTELY!! No other thoughts! None were allowed. I still can’t bear to remember the clear majority of this hell-hole of a life with him. THAT was Papa! And maybe I miss him a little. I think I do. Maybe I hate him a lot. Maybe I still fear him… and all those who represent him.”(B)

ALL POWERFUL? Satanic Beasts like Mengele expected total submission or instant death. One conc. camp survivor recalls how he clubbed a woman’s head into mash, & then whistled while washing the blood off his hands. But there are numerous stories of individuals in the conc. camps (as well as t.b.m.c. survivors) who recognized the level of evil they faced & outsmarted it. Stupidity & the denial of evil were not their tickets to physical salvation—but wisdom; truly we are called as Christ taught to “be wise as serpents, & harmless as doves”.

MENGELE ESTABLISHED HIMSELF AS GOD in his victims. Many conc. camp survivors & t.b.mc. survivors remember his shiny boots and how he clicked them. Martin Greenfield who wrote his memoir of Auschwitz speaks of meeting Mengele on the first page: “They say a man’s shoes are the first thing a person notices. I can still see his in my mind. Leather boots, dark like the night, shining like mirrors.”(C) An American mind control survivor says, “The boots were well taken care of (like carefully oiled), and the silver buckles shined. This seems vivid in my memory….I’m having a huge problem believing I was with such a monster. As a young child!! And, it appears there’s surely more evil people I was put with than just Mengele and Aquino!” Mengele’s boot clicking was so notable to his victims, that other programmers like Michael Aquino have imitated it. Another memorable thing was him saying “Actung” to those he programmed. He had green-brown eyes & stood 5’8” or less w/ a notable gap in his upper front teeth. He grew up the richest kid in town, but had been traumatized himself by his Illum. family. He believed his likes & dislikes fervently, & could lose his composure instantly. He had a quick genius mind that quickly sized up people, which helped him select those to live & to be programmed & to serve as human Guinea pigs.

ONE KEY FEATURE OF MENGELE’S PROGRAMMING. (D) Mengele was familiar w/ Dante’s Inferno & piano music. Jewish Kabbalists at Auschwitz helped Mengele understand the Kabala better. He was also knowledgeable about the Lesser Key of Solomon Goetia which connects spirits to the body. So in his programming he installs a Kabballistic Tree of Life (more properly a “Tree of Death”) that is perceived by the victim as residing within his body w/ fallen angels (evil spirits) attached to the different body parts. Each room has its own name, its own set of alters, programming attached, and access codes attached. Rituals are done to create alters for the different rooms. Demons within the person guide their pathworking magic. So the Yesod circle (room, quad or container meaning Foundation) would be connected to the genitals & have relevant evil spirits attached. Yesod is the meeting place of the earthly & evil spirits. Likewise Tepheret (meaning Beauty) is attached to the heart, and animated with fallen Angels, who in turn both protect & anchor the programming, while in turn being anchored to the human structure by trauma & magic. If this kind of structure is embedded in the mind & body of the victim, the victim will perceive that the evil spirits animate the body & are essential to his life. Illuminated “wisdom” such as the understanding of the mysteries of human sacrifice will be placed into the Tepheret circle. The top room (Kether=Crown) contains Satan & the Anti Christ in spirit form & a goddess. Below this is Daat=Knowledge which is called the Blue Room and houses front Mother of Darkness alters. This blue room is the balancing pt. and also associated with twinning (which loomed big with Mengele in his research & programming). At the bottom is Malkuth=Kingdom which is linked to the victim’s feet and has the spirit (life force) of the first male child who the victim was forced to sacrifice attached to it. Malkuth is the Gate of Death and as everything is upside down in Satanism, it is said that its roots are in heaven. (These roots spiritually have the blood of the first born sacrificed in a box at the bottom of Malkuth.) At any rate, plenty of gatekeepers are placed into Malkuth. The Kabalistic Tree is said to need balance to operate (so one’s good deeds must balance one’s bad). Prana kid alters are attached to the tree also. Prana kids are to know about the human aura, chakras and the laws that govern our life to help them achieve success. An alter of destruction & one of change is housed in Hochma=Wisdom, which is the right ear, where ancestral spirits are attached for wisdom. Also the magical concepts of blue, red and white roses are connected to the Kabballistic Tree & its programming. Other concepts of Mengele’s were complex 3D structures, lots of boxes, and games where the life of the person was toyed with in a way that brought out the best in them….Truly inspired by Satan. Later programmers lacked that creative zeal & fine tuning to animate the person’s inner drives, and tended to mechanically turn out uncreative assembly-line mind controlled slaves. Mengele’s programming was an evil work of art. To make an analogy would be to compare the beautiful craftsmanship in older buildings & hand-made artifacts, to the simplistic work & assembly line designs of today.

(A) Astor, Gerald. The Last Nazi: The Life & Times of Dr. Joseph Megele. Donald I Fine, Inc.: NYC, 1985. (B) Confidential report by t.b.m.c. survivor to author, author’s name intentionally withheld. (C) Greenfield, Martin. Measure of a Man: From Auschwitz Survivor to President’s Tailor. Regenery Publishing, Wash. D.C., 2014. (D) Much of this Tree of Life mind control info is found in my book The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave.


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