We have been conditioned to believe government (Big Brother) knows best.

Tyranny is defined as:
o a nation under cruel, unjust and oppressive government.
o cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control
A farmer near Modesto, CA west of I-5 planted wheat in 2013, but was not allowed to harvest his wheat by the govt. The farmer complained he had been forbidden without any due process.

An exemption in the wetlands law allows farmers to plow…apparently the exemption is only a legal technicality because the U.S. govt. came back on the farmer and is fining him $2.8 million for not getting a time-consuming permit from the government to plow his field.


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  • Sojan, I’m sorry again for posting randomly in the comment section instead of private messaging you. I know it’s annoying because you don’t know where to respond to me on here, I’m scared to check my email because maybe you emailed me already? This time I promise just comment on here that your not too angry at me for being annoying, then I can answer any questions you might have for me privately in email or I can log into my deprogram wiki account. I know I said I have secret intelligence agency info, but that probably just me being delusional since I’m the front alter, I don’t why why I would have any secret info. But I can tell you it later. But anyway, I have plenty of non-secret stuff to tell you, I put it here for now..

    I was just thinking today about how maybe you got upset at me for disappearing for a year. If anything bad happened to you, I would be really sad and suicidal and upset because I care about you a lot. But it’s been hard psychologically for me to try to comprehend the idea that you or anyone wouldn’t hate me. I guess you probably think I’m annoying, but also probably don’t want me to get tortured or die. But realized this was for some sort of very strange and specific reasons, I’ll explain in detail here. Long story short, basically I felt guilty mainly for not having psychic abilities:

    When I was a kid, I used to watch this cartoon, “Avatar the Last Airbender”, it’s a pretty good show with some benevolent spiritual messages in it, but it’s also a show about people with telekinetic abilities, Earth Air, Water and Fire benders. Aang, the Avatar is partly based on the Dali Lama reincarnation cycle and the Hindu stories about avatars of Vishnu. The genocide of the airbenders in the show is based on the real life genocide of Tibetan people by China. I feel like it’s just nice a kids cartoon, the only bad part is that I think maybe this show was used to program me and other RA survivors because of the telekinetic aspect, and it’s aesthetic is related to eastern religions.

    They have to basically physically and psychologically stress who ever gets born as the “avatar”, so that he or she can go into the “avatar state”. in which he or she has enhanced telekinetic abilities. There’s a set up where a earth-bender military general decided to pretend to kill Aang’s (avatar Aang’s) friends in front of him, to trigger the avatar state in him, and their justification for doing this is to fight the evil fire nation. I got reminded of that episode a few years ago when I first discovered deprogram wiki and read about Theta programing. Saying “go into the avatar state” and “go into the theta state” sound basically the same.

    Coincidentally a couple years ago right before Svali released her book “it’s not impossible”, I think I anonymously emailed her this information about the Hindu/Buddhist Siddhis and how they could program people with that, and I said that they might do Sanskrit programming if they do ancient languages like Latin ,

    (I mean Latin the language, not Latin as the word mean in the USA: a brown person from a South American country is called a Latin as well, which is ironic since those people usually speak Spanish or Portuguese and never the Latin language, they’re called Latin people despite not speaking Latin because they are mostly catholic and the holy Language of Catholics is Latin. I think it’s just like how English speakers call India, “India”, but in Hindi India is called Hindustan, so Indian people can also be called Hindustanis, and Hindi is the national language of India, even though a lot of Indians don’t speak Hindi, it’s the important language because it’s similar to Sanskrit, and Sanskrit is the main holy language of Hinduism. Also, It’s just like how Orthodox Christians can be called “Greeks” despite not being Greek, it’s because Ancient Greek is the Holy language of Eastern Orthodoxy Christianity. You probably knew all that already, I’m just trying to show you I know too, I’m not confused by what I mean when I say “Latin”, don’t worry.),

    since any random person can go on the internet and find info about the Buddhist/Hindu concept of Siddhis, I was thinking, well, if that’s what available to the public, I would imagine that the illuminati has much more antediluvian books with old languages written on scripts like Devanagri, Gurmukhi, ect.

    So, when I read Svali’s book when it was first released, I thought, hang on a minute? Did Svali really put what I told her in her book? That’s a bit silly. So it made me think she was just being a typical Christian paranoid of other religions, and that there was no such thing as Hindu or Buddhist programming because she was just biased against those religions as a Christian. I know Buddhism can be evil in some cases (remember the book I showed you, “shadow of the dalai lama?” but that the illluminists would program people with it seemed going a bit too far for me. But I just thought just maybe she didn’t do sufficient research, because I thought he was inspired to write that because I told her to research it, and I thought I might have been delusionally inspired to come up with the idea by having watched the cartoon Avatar The Last Airbender. So then last year, when you told me your not biased against Hinduism, I was happy that you like Hinduism, but also terrified because the fact that your not biased against Hinduism I feel like add much more weight and credibility to everything about the existence of RA.

    (Part 2 continued below)

  • Here’s an article about the topic of war explored in Avatar The Last Airbender:

    And here’s and article some of the general themes explored in the show:

    Here’s just a random music video someone made with clips from the show:

    Here’s a scene from the episode where they explain chakras:

    So, I don’t think that the tv show The Last Airbender is evil, you can see how they easily include a lot of positive spiritual messages in the show. The main plot of the entire series is how the avatar has to master different types of telekinesis to save the world, and if he doesn’t he won’t be able to prevent another genocide. Which is pretty intense, because the fire nation already successfully completed one genocide, so the genocide threat is not an empty threat.

    So, is seems like this would dovetail in perfectly with the theta programming where they force kids “if you don’t levitate this brick with your mind, we will torture you and your loved ones”, because technically telekinesis doesn’t have to be used for violence, it can also be defense against violence.

    Here’s some real life example for people channeling chi energy to so semi-super human feats of strength, which is not even hidden, it’s just casually on youtube, like these 3 videos:

    Also the books: “Supernormal: Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities” by dean Radin, and the Book “Phenomena: The Secret History of the US Government’s Investigations into Extrasensory perception and psychokinesis”. Dean Radin admitted in an interview to having worked for an intel agency. This youtube channel also has some really interesting videos made by an anonymous random American guy who worked for an intelligence agency on psychic research:

    Apparently, George Orwell partly based Animal Farm on the tyrannical government system which fucked up Myanmar after the the British rule. The British Rule of Myanmar was evil, they overthrew the deva royalty and had their demonic British royalty, then some Burmese demons implemented a non-theocratic government which has been really shitty, like, I think the Buddhist theocracy in Myanmar was way better than the secular government.

    (lol, yet another reason supporting my opinion that theocracy and communism are good, and, capitalism and secular and capitalist governments are bad) The Myanmar, people believe that their royal family were human-deva/devi hybrids which I don’t think is too far-fetched to believe, Because of books about human aliens hybrid by Dr. Karla turner, and Dr. David M Jacobs. That’s Literally what Julius Evola (A Hindu/Buddhist) argues in his Books and Rene Guenon (Guenon wasn’t even Hindu, he was Sufi Islamic), that the royals were extraterrestrial angelic and demonic hybrid species.

    I’m saying Myanmar and not Burma because the Burmese asian Buddhist ethnic group who are committing genocide against the Rohinya Islamic ethnic group, want it to be called Burma, the racist Burmese-supremacists want to genocide all the Rohinyas and then have a pure Burmese state, whereas “Myanmar” is a non-racial name which is supposed to be more politically correct and inclusive.

    Also a similar thing is happening in China with the Uyghur Islamic ethnic group being genocided by the asian atheist Han Chinese asian ethnic group (well not really atheist, actually demon worshipping). Cyrus Parsa also seems to have presented evidence that Ugyhur children are being abducted from their families not just for political indoctrination, but also to be used in Trauma-Based Monarch Mind control programs, And if not that, Uyghurs currently are at the very least being used as the primary source of blood sacrifices for the Chinese demon-worshipping cults blood rituals.

    Also, this new kids movie I haven’t seen, “Raya and the last dragon” based on southeats asian culture, I’m not going to watch it, but I feel like it could also be in response to creased awareness about this stuff, so they want to fictionalize it:
    Also, naga=dragon. white people always get attacked for whatever reason by reptile or insect demons, whereas, for reasons unknown to me reason it seems POc also get attacked by demons which resemble arachnids, saprotrophs, mollusks, but not reptiles or insects. Or, at least, this is what I’ve found by trying to look at the mythology of different nationalities, races, cultures, and different accounts by modern people of encounters with demons/alien/extraterrestrails/ufos.

  • ok, just wait before replying these comments, I need to write more, but I have to take a break for now, I need to get more xp on Duolingo other wise I’ll lose my 20 day streak, and I have almost 7000 xp currently in Hindi, if you haven’t heard of Duolingo, it’s a free language learning app that’s also like a videogame a little bit so it’s designed to motivate people to practice more. And I need to Learn Hindi as quick as possible to become a Jain nun and get physical safety from the cult. I put another comment on another random post about the Jain nun idea. Anyway, I’m really ditzy and disorganized, sorry.

  • I meant I have 7,000 total xp in Hindi, not that I got 7,000 in one day, the average xp people aim for is between 10-50 xp per day. I started Leaning Hindi in January this year only, and since January actually I haven’t practiced that much Hindi, because I thought the world was ending and I was going to get the cybernetic mark of the beast, and had other scary delusions. So I only just in March decided I could escape the RA cult by being a Jain nun possibly. In December, I even woke up at a random place on the ground at sunrise in hiking gear all soaking wet from rain and mud I don’t remember how I got there, I had to knock on the door of someone random people’s house to ask them to call the police to help me because I didn’t know where I was, and police had to drive me home because they thought I was too schizo, really embarrassing.

  • I’m honestly terrified of women, but I’m not scared of men. Which doesn’t maybe sounds like it doesn’t make much sense, since I’m a girl, they’re the same gender as me…….but I in addition to verbal and physical abuse by women, I remember I got sexually abused by women, more than one woman. I don’t remember being sexually abused by men. I mean, I guess since I have DID I’ve probably been raped a bunch of time by people, like everyone else in RA. So I was trying to think of why women would be scarier to me than men, since society portrays men only as evil and women as good.

    I think it’s because when a man rapes a person, he mostly just does it out of uncontrollable lust. Whereas, women rape or molest people in order to get power over the people they rape or molest. Also, whereas men usually abuse other adult men and adults, women, women usually abuse children, but women don’t abuse adults of either gender. Research female criminals, and they always are committing crimes agianst children, whereas men commit crimes against adults.

    That’s also why I want to believe that those women were just demon possessed, I don’t want to become like the women who abused me, that’s my biggest fear.

    I think women become damaged enough to become abusive like this not just through RA, but in western society because of feminism. Feminism is the most misogynist ideology to have ever existed in history. It only values masculine qualities, whether there are positive masculine qualities or negative masculine qualities, for example of good vs bad masculine and feminine qualities:

    1)Good masculine/ yang qualities
    -Intelligence, Assertiveness, Courage, Rationality, Honesty, Chastity, Ascetism/Temperance

    2) Evil masculine/ yang qualities
    -Anger, Rage, Pride, Conceit, Competitiveness, Sadism, Cruelty,

    3) Good feminine/ yin qualities
    -Kindness, Compassion, Patience, Charity, Mercy, Humility, Hope, Innocence,

    4) Evil feminine/ yin qualities
    -Greed, Sloth, Manipulativeness, Cowardice, Envy, Lust, Apathy, Despair, Decadence/Intemperance,

    So, the problem is women in western society are expected to act like men, while men are also supposed to act like men too. Who’s going to do the women’s work of cooking, cleaning, caring for children, and caring for the elderly? Are women now supposed to take on mens’ role, and men supposed to take on womens’ role? Isn’t the whole point of reincarnating as a particular gender, to have an easier division of labor? What if we also expected police officers to become engineers, engineers to become bankers, bankers to become doctors, doctor to become lawyers, lawyers to become physicists, physicists to become car mechanics, and car mechanics to become police officers? Why not let people do the job they already have practice doing?

    I think gender is to a large extent, an illusion and a social construct however, lots of things are social construct, and they are still useful. For example, money: pieces of paper everyone agrees to exchange for stuff. Language: little scribbled marks written in ink of on flattened pulp made of dead trees (or on computers), or sounds made with human vocal cords. If something useful is being taken away it has to be replaced with something else.

    I can feel sympathy for people who feel they reincarnated as the wrong gender, by why make cisgender men and women reverse gender roles if they don’t want to? There aren’t any animal species of where the male and female animals are doing such a bizarre role reversal.

    Feminism is the most misogynistic ideology ever invented. I wish western society would go back to when women were consider property of their male relatives, and didn’t have to have so many harsh expectations put on them. Sure their are abusive men, but the way to solve that is to teach mothers how to not abuse their sons, then the sons will grow up to respect women. It’s just a fact that children are the property of parents, no one tries to dispute that.

    It’s better for children to be orphans, that is is for them to have abusive parents. But orphans in society, always end up having to get taken care of by some adults who serve as parental figure for them. There’s no way for children under 10 yrs to escape abusive adults in any real sense, because they are children, and don’t have fully developed brains. They can escape abusive adults by finding non-abusive adults…….

    (continued below…..)

  • ……..but children can not escape abusive adults, by becoming “strong independent children, who don’t need any parents to take care of them.” Adults who would advocate for such a ridiculous idea as “strong, independent children” would likely only be one of three types: 1) Ruthless vulture capitalists, who want to take children away from their parents to exploit the for children slave labor, by saying, “children should have the right to choose to work”. 2) Pedophiles, who want to take children away from their parents to use them for sex, by saying “children should have the right to choose to consent”. or 3) Abject mentally retarded adults might be well-intentioned as not malicious, but who quite self-evidently know nothing about children and advocate giving children “freedom” from their parents because they have no idea that not all parents are abusive.

    Children, inherently are and always will be, an intrinsically vulnerable class of people, in comparison to adults. Children are in position of weakness compared to adults, adults naturally have power over children. However, children are not vulnerable to being abused and taken advantage of by adults, because of some evil secret conspiracy. Obviously, evil secret conspiracies do exist in the world, but all adults plotting against all children is obviously not happening. Children are biologically designed to be stupider and more emotional than adults are, adults are designed to take care of children, and children are designed to be completely loyal and obedient whichever adults are their primary attachment figures.

    Does this mean that Children are inferior to adults, just because children aren’t equal with adults? No, I don’t think children are inferior to me, and I’m a 19 year old adult woman, I think children are precious and endearing and adorable. Am I am an evil, bigoted, adult-supremacist, anti-childist for simply noticing the fact that children are more emotional and stupid than myself and other adults? I don’t think so, how would that even make any sense?

    But, what if you mentally replace the words in the above paragraphs “child” and “children”, with “woman” and “women”, replace, “parents”, and “adults”, with “men” and “men”, you’ll notice that all the statement could be equally true! And, then you’ll understand the insidious origins of feminism. Women are supposed to take care of children, and women’s male relatives are supposed to take care of the women.

    Saying that male relatives shouldn’t own women, is like saying that parents shouldn’t own their children just because some parents are abusive. Parents have no CHOICE, but to own their children because children just are stupider and must be taken care of! Actually, if parents had no legal ownership rights over their children, it would be much easier for the bad adults to take advantage of them. Also, if parents didn’t on their children, it would be even easier than it already is. As long as Children remain children, they will need a parental figure to care for them. It’s the same with women, as long as women are women, they will need male relatives to take care of them.

    That’s how it already is in Ritual abuse cults! Parents don’t own their biological or even adopted children in ritual abuse cults, the children just belong to whoever is more powerful over the children’s minds. It’s just “might makes right”, but the “might” in the case of ritual abuse is whoever can more successfully manipulate the children attachment needs, rather than just sheer brute physical force as “might”. It’s hostile manipulative intellectual force being used rather than hostile physical force.

    In addition to children in Ritual abuse cults, women in Ritual Abuse cults are also not the property of their male relatives, they are the property whichever men or other women are most powerful.

    This is slowly what’s happening more and more with in all of society with not just Ritually Abused, but non RA abused women as well, and this attack on women is not a physical attack of brute force, but a psychological attack of collective social engineering done by the elite to the masses. and who control the elite? demons/aliens/extraterrestrials/satan. The bad guys are not white men, not Jews, although the very top of the elite are white men and Jewish men, above those human white ,men and Jewish men, at the very top its inter-dimensional demon parasites. The demons want to separate children from their parents, so that the demons can prey on the children. and the demons want to separate women from their male relatives, so that the demons can prey on the women.

    I think I have been a victim of misogynistic abuse in life, but the misogyny against me has come from men and women. They expect me, to be as naturally strong and independent and stoically emotionless as a man, but actually I’m just a woman. It’s not possible for me to be that perfect. They want me to have all the good qualities of men, but also to have none of the bad qualities which men typically have in excess more than women like anger, pride, excessive lust, grandiosity, competitiveness, lack of empathy, ect. They want me to be a perfect man, and be a perfect woman at the same time. That’s misogynistic to expect women to be exact identical copies of men. And I don’t even want to reincarnate as a man, I like my gender, I’m ok with my gender identity. Why can’t people be the gender they are born in, and not be abused for having natural flaws? Both gender have good and bad qualities.

    (continued below)

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