EVENTS. 12 MAR 2017

I finally arrived to my temporary home this evening. And now I will make a few comments on the events of the last few days. Obviously, the war-mongering by the Trump administration in Syria & towards North Korea has peace-loving people alarmed. While these international hot spots warm up…the U.S. bond market is beginning to collapse, its demise encouraged by the Fed’s actions. The Housing Bubble is ready to burst. The talks I gave in Philadelphia will not be immediately available for the public. When I learn that they are available for no cost to the public, when ever that is, I will pass on that availability. On a more personal level, I have quit soliciting females who want to get to know me better. Of course, it will be a while before I can move forward to have a serious relationship due to the focus I have to devote to getting my life back together.


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