TO ERROR IS HUMAN: thoughts on improving our survival (22 OCT 2016)

Various sources have pegged medical errors as the 3rd leading cause of death. Whether that stat is technically accurate or not, I believe if we factor in that most people are unaware of the wide range of alternative cures that work, that our overall situation in reality is really far far worse!! We really are in the dark ages of medical mediocrity, while those in the Matrix are blinded to the dangers. In my talks, I have emphasized that each person needs to take responsibility for our biggest freedom: health. This is a discussion of about health & how mistakes are made. One source claims 225,000 Americans are killed by the Medical System each year. The National Audit Office in the U.K. claims 34,000 Brits are killed/yr. by their Medical System. I would submit to you, that improving our health care is a far more important subject than a few children being killed by guns, or terrorism. I would even submit to you, that it is more important than war. I went through war stats in my last Free Your Mind talk, showing how preventable medical deaths have always been more prevalent in war than casualties from weapons. In other words, we keep majoring on the minors, and neglecting our health. If militaries functioned better, they would take better care of their troops’ health. Obviously, they don’t care about deaths from preventable medical problems, which unfortunately don’t seem to concern the public like a battle death. So we have a problem getting our priorities straight. Building a military hospital is not as glamorous as an F-35, but it would be cheaper and might save more lives. Privately, we do have the same priority problem.

FIXATION ERROR. A pilot & his co-pilot flying into our PDX Portland International Airport got fixated on trying to insure their landing gear was down, meanwhile not paying attention that they were running out of fuel. When the plane ran out of fuel, they crashed. They did what is called “fixation error”. Doctors & surgeons can make the same mistake. The difference is this: when a plane crashes, there is an investigation. But when a patient dies, usually there is no investigation. The doctors often shrug their shoulders, “Who could have foreseen this?” when quite often the death could have been prevented. Flying a plane is safer than going to the hospital, in part because all accidents are investigated & analyzed.

WRONG SITE SURGERY & CONFRONTING AUTHORITY. Perhaps you know someone who was to get their right leg amputated and got their left. Or their appendix removed and lost a fallopian tube. Why do these things happen?? One big reason is hierarchy & authority. Doctors & surgeons have been elevated to godlike status, and nurses may hint or suggest about a problem, but who can talk and when and what are rigidly defined in hospitals. The same structure confronts the patient. The whole subject of how to advocate for oneself, and to stand up to authority is indeed an important subject. After West Point taught me total subjection to an authority figure, if took effort to rise above that knee-jerk compliance and to think for myself…but it must be done. And we need to learn to be assertive. There is a right way & a wrong way to be assertive. Patients are killed all the time because nurses don’t have the moxy & skill to be positively assertive to doctors. Preventable Medical Errors are called PMEs.

HEALTH EXPECTATIONS. One of the studies I have seen is entitled “Risk factors for patient-reported medical errors in 11 countries”(A) It was interesting to see the feedback from patients. In Norway, 17% felt they had experienced errors in the past 2 years. Switzerland was also high. Sweden’s rate was 12.3% of which 90% were viewed as preventable. The study found younger patients were more willing to report errors than those 65 and above. Perhaps the older generation gives the Matrix more credibility. The gullibility of people certainly plays a role in the care they receive. People trust doctors too much, and don’t take responsibility for their own health like they should. Ultimately, you are responsible for your health. On the other hand, if you have not researched a subject, don’t pretend to yourself you know it better than the doctor.

THE PROBLEM OF IGNORANCE. The Awake community has a better chance to think for themselves, but whether they actually do better than others I don’t know. Take for instance angiogenesis (a big word for the process where the body builds new blood vessels from old networds) & cancer. Cancer cells feed off of new blood vessels. New blood vessels are linked to VEGF, so alternative natural things like an extract of bindweed that inhibits angiogenesis, can actually starve cancer cells to death. Abnormal cancer cell growth can be cut up to 99% this way without side effect. The standard way is to do surgery, which may fail to get it all. 50% of cancer patients who get surgery have a return of the cancer. The Medical System (or should we say Medical Mafia) does have their equivalent to the extract of bindweed (called C-Statin by the way), but as with so much of their pharma, it has a long list of severe side effects like vomit that looks like blood to neurological problems that surface years later. Their equivalent is Avastin. So a big problem in making good health decisions is simply ignorance. And part of this ignorance is the mistaken belief that the doctor can always be trusted to know best. You should double-check a newly prescribed med to see if it is safe with what you are already taking.

NON PAYMENTS FOR “NEVER EVENTS”. Never events are what preventable conditions in hospital health care are called, for instance, UTIs from catheters, a foreign object left in the person during surgery, and some hospital acquired infections. Medicare & Medicaid won’t pay hospitals for “never events”. This is an attempt to make hospitals more responsible. In Europe which has socialized medicine, as far as I know, there is no financial incentive to deal with such “never events”.

A NATIONAL EMERGENCY EVENT. Obama, in line with his multitude of executive orders, verbal & written, has given himself with Exec. Order 13603 the right to declare an emergency and then the govt. can seize basically all assets of Amer. Society including all the food supplies, hospitals, livestock, and farm equipment. So we are up against a precipice, when tyranny could steal of everything. How exactly one should prepare for such tyranny, I will let you brainstorm. Giving answers here would just give this regime ideas on what to do to steal your survival assets. Again, wise decisions will make a big difference. I view our health as one of the most important challenges we face in the upcoming years. Be blessed my friend.

(A) David L. B. Schwapach. “Risk Factors…” Health Expectations, 6/1/2014


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