This short article is what we in America have coming these next two months from the Illuminati. The elite manipulators have been riled up. President Obama reminds me of President Buchanan in 1860 who was pro-South. When Lincoln was elected, then the South began seceeding & causing riots, but Pres. Buchanan did nothing. Obama is allowing such things as the major of NYC to call for more demonstrations in NYC against Trump. All kinds of reprobate, sick threats against Melania Trump are being thrown around. These are crimes, and one wonders why people are not being prosecuted. Plans are to bus millions into Wash.,D.C. to disrupt the inauguration in January. Typically, a Soros revolution continues until it wins or is defeated. Obama is not trying to shut it down, he is busy poking Putin in the eye trying to create more tension. Exercises in Romania, near Russia were just held with American troops. NATO heavy brigades continue towards Syria. Putin is tense but not taking the bait…yet.

ILLUMINATI IMF GETS READY TO PULL RUG OUT FROM TRUMP & U.S. ECONOMY. On 1/1/’17, Illuminata Christine Lagarde & her IMF will give veto power to BRICS. Up to now only the U.S. had veto power in the IMF. BRICS has already said what they will do when they get veto power. They will continue the process of removing the U.S. dollar as world reserve currency (the petrodollar). Already 25 countries (such as Russia & China) are doing major transactions without using U.S. dollars. When the BRICS has veto power, we might see a reaction in the stock market in January where it begins a free fall like 2008.

JERUSALEM. 57 nations threatened to pull their ambassadors-embassies out of Washington, D.C. if Trump continues to support a rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. (There is prophecy that it would someday be rebuilt, although I seriously question that a rebuilt temple would be the one prophecied. It has been an Illuminati-Masonic goal for Solomon’s temple to be rebuilt. Many Christians support the concept, and Jews in Israel have already been performing the ceremonies.) The old city of Jerusalem has more U.N. military vehicles than ever before. Perhaps some kind of triggering event will cause the U.N. to take control of the old city of Jerusalem.

WORLD WATCHING. The civil unrest may be used as a pretext for the U.N. to help a dysfunctional USA by moving in U.N. troops who would be “neutral” in the civil war between Trump & anti-Trump elements. We are not out of the woods, or should I say insanity. The insanity will continue. And anti-Trump people still are being misled by the msm thinking Hillary won the popular vote, that she may have the electorial college vote for her, and other silly ideas. On the flip side, we need the intervention of God Almighty to save our nation & people. Lord have mercy.


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