I wanted to write a quick, short post on just 2 eco problems facing us. A few of us have been warning that we are in a mini ice age. The wet, cold fall has damaged the harvest…in some regions the crops can’t be harvested. This means in short that various crop yields will be less, seed supplies will be reduced, and some farms will not be able to feed their animals. Meanwhile, the elite controllers find all kinds of excuses to pay farmers less…so thousands of family farms are going bankrupt.

PENSION DEFICITS. A number of years ago retirement pension funds began lying to people that they could give them 7% returns for their money. 31 million elderly placed money into pensions…which now stand at $22.5 trillion. However, as those of us who were honest warned those promises were lies. Now there is a $6 trillion shortfall (deficit) in pension funds. One common source of funding was short term treasury bills. If the managers of these funds begin cannibalizing their funds to make reduced payments by not replacing maturing treasury securities, then they will have even less income. At this time, many pensions have drastically reduced their payment checks thereby economically stressing retirees. The pension funds have painted themselves into a corner that they can’t get out of.

The elite have wanted these eco stresses. This next year will be “interesting” as around the world food and financial crises hit. Sorry to have to give a heafs up on this…but its better to be prepared than not. May the loving Lord bless you dear friend.


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