If you have not seen the movie “They Live”, it is worth watching. To think its story line could be true will send chills up anyone’s spine. When I first interviewed members who had been in the Illuminati in 1991, I learned from them that Nephilim hybrids were the powers (the Guardians) in Illuminati covens, and that the Illuminati agenda was given to them by fallen angels. This was long before these subjects became public topics!!! In 1993, I wrote a book on the Reptillians based on witnesses (but then shelved it because I lacked 3D proof of such things. What if dozens of witnesses were all deceived in the same fashion or all providing false info? I wanted definitive tangible proof one way or the other.) In 1995, at the end of my prophecy club talks in 10 major American cities, I showed photos of people with reptilian eyes and asked if they wanted to learn about them, to ask me back. I don’t remember much interest in my audiences, & as far as I know, no one asked for me to come back & explain it. It is definitely a far out subject. After I had spent years avoiding saying what I had heard from witnesses, David Icke ran with the topic & jumped into the public’s eye without any hesitation. A few years ago, I quietly listened on the bus to a conversation between a believer in reptillians & a normal person. The “normal” person ended the conversation by saying, “That is definitely NOT what is going on.” Emotionally, I don’t want to believe it—and mentally I don’t have any solid proof of it—I just have perhaps thousands of circumstantial evidences that it is going on…unfortunately it happens to be the best explanation I have for what is going on. On that basis, I present a video on the Reptillians among us…


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