This post is bringing into focus a true story that has all our favorite characters: banksters, spooks, Mind control programmers & handlers, elite bloodlines, Nazis, and secret societies. My purpose will be to lay out an example of how so much operates, & in doing so will build on previous books & articles, and fill in some pieces I have not described before. So what is the missing glue that holds so much of what nefariously happens together?? As readers of my large books have seen documented, it is the mother of secret societies, the Illuminati. Or to use a term of a previous whistle blower, Edith Star Miller (Lady Queensborough), her term was “Occult Theocracy”. She did a marvelous work (publ. 1931) showing how so many radical secret societies, radical sects & various isms all connect back to the hierarchy of Occult Theocracy, & intertwine. So for instance, we can show Hillary & Bill working for the CIA, we can share testimony of people seeing Hillary in coven rituals & doing occult things. One can read Cathy O’Brien’s testimony of Hillary involved in t.b.m.c. & in Cathy’s abuse. But the real explanation for the phenomena of Hillary is the Illuminati, in which she is a Grande Dame. That is the bottom line, and that is the bottom line of this true story.

MAKING SENSE OF THINGS. So what I am describing is how (until recent years) the Illuminati acted in the open. In the open, it always appeared under some disguise: spooks, politicians, religious leaders, secret societies, commies, Nazi SS leaders and so forth. When we use the disguises of these Illuminati agents, the story can start to get confusing to someone who might think those disguises are the complete story of what those people are about. Actually, to get to the bottom, one may have to take off several layers of disguises to get to the bottom fact that they are Illuminati members! I will have to mention the disguises—hopefully you can see deeper.

A 1960’s MK ULTRA MACABRE EXPERIMENT IN SMALL GROUP MIND CONTROL. My readers will recall that I have broken down (in previous writings) how the mind-control research progressed from perfecting the m.c. of individuals in the 1950’s towards controlling groups of people in the 1960’s. And the mechanism for controlling groups was to be under the disguise of religion. It is the perfect cover. Many of the things that will be mentioned in this article have been touched on previously—they have just not been focused on all at once & in depth like this article will do. This article will focus on the People’s Temple, a “CIA” experiment. When you hear people say, “Drink the Kool-Aid” that saying got popular because of the mass suicide/murder done by giving a kool-aid type drink to the cult members. Experimenting with small groups was important for the chaotic helter skelter end-time plans of the Illuminati. It was also a step towards mind controlling entire nations—which began in the ‘70’s with Haiti under the religious disguise of Voodoo. I (& others) began to unravel that control in the ‘90’s, & were greatly aided when the Internet gave the common man a chance to hold his own against the mass mind control of the elite.

If you look up Wikipedia’s article “Jonestown” it is pure propaganda & deception. You will get the impression that the CIA had no involvement in Jonestown, & the Wiki article quotes the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that there is “no evidence of CIA involvement at Jonestown.” That is similar to saying there is no evidence of German involvement in Nazism! In spite of a cover-up as extensive as the JFK assassination, the evidence is thick of CIA MK-Ultra involvement. But Wiki has chosen to lie about me also, so what’s new? There is so much evidence that one of the elite family members involved had to write a book (entitled: “In My Father’s House: The Story of the Layton Family and the Reverend Jim Jones”) that pretends to explain things, but uses the disguises I mentioned, and lies to mislead people from seeing the important clues. Major CIA controlled newspapers also wrote misleading articles after the Jonestown deaths of 918 members, & the escape of key People’s Temple leaders (similar to the escape of major SS men).

THE PRE-WAR RAT LINE—& THE LATER OPERATION PAPERCLIP. Nazi Germany began sending people to the USA with cover stories before WW 2 broke out. I’ve discussed that before & that some were programmed multiples. So let’s start with the pre-war rat line. Hugo Philip, of the Philips family…briefly mentioned in my Bloodlines book, was a wealthy German banker. He married a daughter of a wealthy stockbroker named Anita Lea Heibut. They had a daughter Lisa Philip, who was a major player in the Jonestown experiment. This elite Philips family were Nazis, and Hugo as a banker represented Siemens & Halske, what is now known as Siemens. WW 2 buffs will remember the Siemens & Halske T52, which was a cipher machine used by the German military in WW 2 to encode messages. Their daughter Lisa up to 1938 had been a nurse in the SS Lebensborn program to produce master race babies. The Philips family was selected to go undercover & move to America to provide the Nazi Germans key positions in America. In spite of their Nazi past, they were given fake Jewish identities as well as claimed that the family was homosexual & facing Nazi persecution. If the faked Jewish I.D.s were discovered, it was figured the gay card would still work. It did. In 1938, just prior to WW 2 beginning, the Philips family was granted asylum by the U.S.A. and Hugo’s cousin Dr. James Frank, was allowed to go from Germany into the top secret nuclear program of America! Hugo, using his fake persona, set up a safe house in northern Italy which was used by many Nazis to come to America. He was an experienced mountain climber and he would meet and lead Nazi war criminals over the Austrian Alps to his safe house, where the Vatican, operating with the CIA, would provide fake documents to get them into the USA. Hugo also worked with the Duke family in Vienna. (Remember the Duke Illuminati family?) Meanwhile Hugo’s family was doing great things in America.

THE PHILIPS FAMILY BEFORE PEOPLE’S TEMPLE. Hugo’s dau. Lisa moved from Germany to a Nazi safe house in Philadelphia. From there she began working for a Rev. Galen Russell, (remember the Russell Illuminati family), who was the minister of the Congregational Church in Chappaqua, NY. She attended church with the Russell family. Why not? Later, when she married Laurence and went to Berkeley, CA, she worked for the CIA by monitoring the leftist activity of Berkeley radicals. Now enters a very significant person into the story…Lisa’s husband, who along with her, ran the CIA People’s Temple mind control experiment. Remember, Lisa’s Dad’s cousin, Dr. Frank, who was part of the Manhattan Project. Dr. Frank got Lisa’s genius husband Laurence Layton into the secret Manhattan Project. (By the way, Laurence was from elite bloodlines too—but I won’t go into that…I need to keep this story as short as possible.) It was Laurence who developed the thermal diffusion method to purify uranium—without this process, the quality of fissionable uranium would have been lacking to build a bomb. Laurence went on to lead other secret projects, such as biological warfare experiments, & chemical warfare experiments. (I would speculate the chem trails go back to his research!) He was chief of the U.S. Army Chemical Warfare Division making super-weapons…his cover was that he was a pacifist Quaker. (Gag.) When he was assigned the mind control experiment with the People’s Temple…he decided to keep much of the project’s leadership within his own family…so his daughters, wife and son all played key roles. More on that later.

USING THE BLACKS & NATIVE AMERICANS. For various reasons, the Illuminati plans called for manipulating the blacks & Indians to cause chaos. They wanted to take groups of these minorities & control them. (It is happening today!) The experiment to see if they could pull it off was People’s Temple. They would know they were successful when they could command their zombies to kill themselves! The instinct of self-preservation is the strongest—so you know your mind control has succeeded if you can order someone to suicide themselves. Meticulous records were kept of who of the 3 groups went ahead & committed suicide. The CIA leadership (about 100 people) of the experiment were all white. That’s right, People’s Temple’s leadership was all white, even though they made themselves out to be protectors of the black race. The experiment called for 3 groups each w/ 300 test subjects. The first group got one mind control drug. The second got another m.c. drug, and the third group got none, just the regular m.c. The third group was the experiment’s control group. The People’s Temple m.c. experiment overlapped another CIA op, which was called the Shalom Project. The Shalom Project was based on land in NW Guyana (fka Br. Guiana) that was turned over in 1975 to the People’s Temple, when the Shalom Project matured & ended.

OPERATION SHALOM. The concept behind the CIA’s Shalom Project went like this: the Russians had moved into the Portuguese colony of Angola and trained & supported guerillas to overthrow the govt. Not wanting a pro-Russian Angolan govt. the CIA decided to create their own mercenary guerillas. In order to do this, they caused a coup that overthrew the Br. Guiana govt. in So. America and put in their own man to rule the new nation of Guyana. Their man did whatever the CIA needed him to do, like turn a blind eye to their 2 terrorist training camps in Guyana. To do the training, the CIA found 200 black special forces vets that were out of work after the Vietnam War & sent them to the area that later became Jonestown. For recruits they hired black Brazilians, because Brazilians speak Portuguese. For weapons, they got the CIA’s international gun runner Frank Terpil, who used his front company Intercontinental Technology. Frank Terpil also connects to the Philip-Layton families. Anyway, this company supplied weapons covertly all over the world. It was these same black trainers that were sent to Libya to train Moslem terrorists later on that I have reported on in other writings. It is possible that marijuana was grown at the training bases too, as a cover story for their purpose as well as the black money to operate them. In ’75-76, the mercs were shipped to Angola to take on the Russian trained guerillas, and the area was turned over to another “black” op—by that I mean racially black.

JIM JONES. Jim Jones was a product of t.b.m.c. His family was into the KKK. In the ’50’s, he was recruited by the CIA. He was involved with their Bay of Pigs fiasco. After that he was assigned to help the CIA revolution/coup in Br. Guiana. Because he had no prior known history with the CIA, they sent him as a missionary to Cuba in 1960 and he got his photograph taken with Fidel Castro, who thought he was a socialist-leaning missionary. Next they sent him to the CIA military coup in Brazil. Then he came back to lead the People’s Temple pseudo-religion that the CIA created. The People’s Temple never lacked for funds. They got accepted by the Disciples of Christ into their denomination—probably by the Disciples’ hierarchy being dirty. The People’s Temple set up soup kitchens & nursing homes (where the elderly mysteriously died!). Jones & other CIA people took in Korean orphans to raise. (See how MK Ultra got children.) The Korean govt. had protested to the U.S. that due to the prejudice in Korea, the mixed race offspring from American soldiers during the Korean War would not be accepted by Korean society. So our govt. was more than willing to take these orphans off their hands for m.c. Later you will see the children at Jonestown calling their programmer Jim Jones “Daddy”, and being thrown into wells (at times head first) & abandoned…which is a common trauma-based m.c. technique that you can read about in my m.c. books. Illuminati mmbr. & governor of CA Jerry Brown was very publicly supportive of Rev. Jim Jones.

The CIA/Illuminati LAYTON FAMILY. All except the father joined the People’s Temple. Lisa, the mother, who used Kaiser Insurance—Kaiser has an agreement with the CIA—escaped back to California before the mass suicide. Her daughter Deborah was in control of the People’s Temple’s assets (est. at $50 million) placed in secret Swiss & Panamanian accounts. Deborah became the CIA’s most valuable survivor who was able to tell her story to the controlled media to mislead people. Her sister Carolyn and her had sex with Jim Jones, who also used their brother Larry. Apparently Jones had a huge sexual appetite for anything and anyone. In Nov. ’78, Larry Layton shot Congressman Ryan, and 2 other visitors to Jonestown, and due to the power of the CIA, it looked like Larry was going to skate free of murdering a congressman in public in front of witnesses. It was not until March ’87, almost 9 yrs. later that he was finally brought to justice, put on trial & given a life sentence. Even then the CIA was trying to mitigate his sentence.

FINAL THOUGHTS. There are many other participants in this whole thing that are similar to the people I have discussed…but this article is longer than what I prefer and so I will wrap it up, hoping that this helps people see how the World system operates, using disguises to cover Satan’s supreme secret society.


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