My 3 assignments from the Lord were 1. Expose evil, 2. Give hope, 3. Call people back to the Word of God. In this discussion on nanobiotech epigenetics I will do all three. The goal of this post is to awake people & point them in the direction to look & research.

THE WORD. We are warned that Satan comes to rob, kill & destroy.(A) We are warned that he & his minions will ruin people’s bodies, souls, & inflict disease.(B) We know he claims authority over all the world (C), and certainly does over sinners not covered by the blood of Messiah (D). However, God’s people have authority & jurisdiction over him. The authority we have in Christ and how to take jurisdiction is a topic for another day.

THE PROBLEM. Humanity is facing an insidious plot to control & kill us. The nanobots within us are able to interface with the computers of the demonic “harps” and are providing the info for a Matrix to be created. For over 25 years, I have warned that a facility in Alaska (along with other similar well-situated facilities) are monitoring & controlling the world. The signals from these places can interact not only with the mind control but also the nanobots, which humanity has taken in internally via a process set in motion by particles received from chemtrails & other sources. I believe these nanobots have been used to create the destruction/death of people’s bodies & that “lyme” disease was invented to cover up this nanotechnology. I have several awake friends who came down with “lyme” disease. The presence of these bots in people at this time is almost universal.

I recently saw an interview by Dana Ashlie (of CA I believe) of a researcher who blows the whistle on all this. (E) I recommend the video, even though I don’t think their “solution” is the whole story.

THE SOLUTION. Some people have survived attempts to kill them via the bots…so obviously there is hope. You will have to research the solution to your own satisfaction…I can’t take responsibility for you…but I will share where I’d start: To make the bots vulnerable I would take a pinch of Borax (Boron) with water 3x a day. There are limits to what is safe to take so learn those. Then to stop the bots, I would take the superfood sunflower lecithin which comes in liquid or capsule form along with bone meal which is a source of phosphorus. Readers are welcome to share their knowledge/experience on the thread. I most likely have a lot to learn on all this.

REFERENCES. (A) JN 10:10 (B) LK 13:16, JOB 2:7 (C) LK 4:6 (D) ACTS 26:18 (E) Link to Dana’s interview will be given in the thread to this post.


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