People knowledgeable about classified Russian intelligence reports are saying that Russian Intelligence has determined that Billionaire/Illuminati kingpin George Soros has begun a color revolution in the U.S.A. to stop President-elect Trump. The Illuminati are furious over his success. What are color revolutions?? They have color codes, and are created by NGOs (non-govt. organizations) receiving millions of dollars that are quietly funneled into channels to create revolution. (I will attach a chart to this article showing the process of using NGOs.) After the Russians began to see the pattern, the Russians have been able to stop the last 3 color revolutions. (More on that in a minute.) Meanwhile, Hillary & Obama, who fully are aware of the color revolution being initiated…have acted nice towards Trump to distance themselves from the Illuminati-created chaos that has now started in American streets all over the nation. Their conciliatory attitudes are similar to the kiss Judas gave.

ORGANIZED PROTESTS. The street rioting here in the USA is not spontaneous. One of the riots in Texas today had an initial 11 buses of rioters counted being bused in with more on the way. How many finally arrived I don’t know. Witches in covens are feeling very intimidated by Trump’s victory–because–and you have to grasp this–they have only listened to the mainstream news media–these witches have absolutely not done their research like the people who come to this page….therefore, because they believe all the lies of the mainstream media, they are in total fear of Trump. What I am saying is that the people who voted for Hillary are genuinely in total fear. Some are going to shrinks for help. So the mainstream media has contributed to the climate that is feeding these riots. And mainstream media will continue to report and assist the breakdown of law & order. Why?? The goal of these initial riots is to cause a harsh back lash by the police, which will then be used to try and destabilize law & order. The “over-reactions” of the police will be used to fuel more rioting–that is the way it has been done in the past color revolutions. Also these revolutions have no set time period…as long as they can gain momentum they will continue them for as long as 10 yrs. Here are the previous color revolutions created by Soros & gang:

ROSE REVOLUTION (2003) Georgia Republic, successful
ORANGE REV. (2004-2014) Ukraine, successful
TULIP REV. (2005-2014) Kyrgyzstan, failed
GREEN REV. (2009), Iran, failed
SNOW WHITE REV. (2011), Russia, failed.

HANG ON AMERICA. The whole world was watching and the entire global awake community is proud of what Americans have done. Americans are in for a rocky bumpy ride for the next few years, thanks to Soros & gang. Why are the Illuminati so concerned?? Like I keep trying to get across to people (yet many are stubborn) –this was NOT in the plans, and they are now seriously concerned that other countries who were watching Brexit & Trump’s victory will be emboldened to try similar things. They have to regain control, or watch their plans fall apart. Other people in other countries are now thinking that they can challenge the establishment also. Don’t forget that some nations like Greece & Iceland, and others, have gotten seriously tired of the establishment power brokers. Don’t forget that the Matrix works off deception & fear, and those two things can be defeated…they are not infallible.


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