This article shares surprising helpful tips for your health. These amazing lessons here just may give you that natural rush that comes from an “a-ha!” moment. Do you feel healthy? It seems Americans are unhealthier than when I was young, for instance, kids now are having diabetes. Lots of people are making obviously unhealthy choices, so maybe health is not important for people, but if health is important to you, then let’s get started.

OVERVIEW. Our health is revealed in our pupils, face & body. Have you noticed that in general animals in nature usually look healthy? How are the people you see every day…are they healthy? Let’s start our health tips by looking at primitive groups of people who have great health. Next we’ll look at the nation whose Health Care is rated the best in the world. And last but not least, we’ll look at some new products & techniques. [This article is a recap of material found in previous posts on health over the last 2 years. Because so many readers are fairly new, I felt it would be worthwhile to condense material from 4 articles into one. This post will be longer than normal.]

EXCEPTIONALLY HEALTHY PRIMITIVES. In the 1930’s, Weston A. Price travelled the entire globe carefully studying the health of “primitive” societies; by “primitive” he meant traditional societies that were still living as their ancestors had using the accumulated wisdom on what potential foods in their environment would give optimum health. Some were healthy and some were not. The healthy groups did not suffer from western degenerative diseases. They lived healthy without modern health care & had excellent teeth without brushing their teeth daily. He also carefully compared these very healthy groups to individuals who had left the group and had been using modern diets. Price published his findings in his book Nutrition & Physical Degeneration (1939). These traditional societies are no longer available in their untouched forms like they were in the 1930’s, so the research by Price may remain in a special class of its own.

LIST OF TRADITIONAL GROUPS DISCOVERED BY PRICE TO HAVE PERFECT HEALTH & how they compared to each other: Gaelics in the Outer & Inner Hebrides, Swiss in Loetschental Valley, traditional Eskimos in Alaska, traditional natives in the Rocky Mountains, certain Melanesians & Polynesians in the so. Pacific, various African tribes, Australian & New Zealand aborigines, Malays on islands off of no. Australia, and natives in the Andean mountains. None of these groups ate anything remotely similar, yet all had exceptional natural health. But each of these diets had 4 times the level of vitamins and minerals recommended by nutritionists. Their diets were high in the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, & K) which get neglected by vegan diets. In fact none of these perfect-health trad groups were all vegetarian, their most prized foods were animal products. In fact, many things which they ate would not be touched by moderns: organs, insects, dried fish eggs, cod’s head stuffed w/ oatmeal, etc. None of them ate sugar, vegetable oils, processed grains and processed food…which are all terribly debilitating elements of our modern diets.

Kyäni. The 4 Kyäni products were the result of research into what it was in the traditional Eskimo diet that prevented them from getting modern debilitating diseases. Coho salmon oil and wild Alaskan blueberries were part of the reason. Kyäni means strong medicine in their language. I have friends who had their serious health problems turned around. Here are 3 Kyäni testimonies: “Due to my husband’s health condition which included a previous heart attack, high blood pressure & elevated blood sugar levels, I was desperate to find something to help him. Then, like an angel sending God’s answer to my prayers, out of the blue a friend [told me of these products]…. I would love to thank Kyäni you have changed my life. I have had migraines for almost 20 years I have two pinched nerves muscle pain two bulging disks in my lower back. I was taking between 22-25 prescription pills a day…. About one year ago in May, I was bedridden with rheumatoid arthritis, contracted from having water on my knees for six years. It affected me everywhere– in my hands, wrists, arms and legs. I was a mess…” For brevity sake, only the beginning of each testimony is quoted, you can read the entire testimonies @ www [dot] kyaniscience [dot] com/ .

LIFE SAVING LESSONS FROM FRANCE (sauver des leçons de vie de la France). The nation of France has had its National Health care rated the best in the world. Some of the questionable medical practices that have been common in the US, never tainted their nation. Big Pharma does not control their media as much as America’s. The French have been known for centuries for their healthy outstanding cuisine (fine delicious food) & incredible red wines. Resveratrol, an ingredient in red wine, if taken as a supplement, has been shown to add years to a person’s life span. The rural areas of France still know what good healthy real food looks like in contrast to Americans & our addictions to junk food.

LOW AUTISM RATE & OTHER BENEFITS. The French autism rate is only 45% of the American rate! (Would this low autism rate be helped by their lack of enthusiasm for vaccinations?! 58% of their doctors question whether child vaccinations are helpful, and 31% of their doctors question the safety of vaccines!! There has been some conclusive cases that link increasing rates of autism in the U.S. and child vaccinations. It may surprise some that vaccines are not universally loved.) The cost of getting a master’s degree in France is something like $2,256 dollars on average, and their business schools are some of the best in the world. Their obesity rate is the lowest (best) in Europe and a long ways from America. Their govt. outlawed manufacturers from putting out products with planned obsolescence; while here in America, we consumers are expected to spend our hard earned dollars on consumer products that will soon be junk. Their nation outlawed Monsanto’s MON 810, which is a corn that is genetically modified to excrete a poisonous toxin to kill bugs. Their Pres. Hollande has wanted a GMO-free Europe. Even after a court ruling allowing MON 810, the French govt. was still not going to allow it.

KILLING US GENTLY. Our products are laced w/ chemicals, and increasingly GM. We are polluting our cells; it’s like never taking the trash out from our temples (bodies). Preservatives & weird coloring keep our food edible but not healthy. I hear that teenagers are able to use Kool-Aid to dye their hair. Artificial coloring often comes from coal tar. They keep finding that many artificial food colors cause cancer, & one by one they get banned; since I was a kid 13 dyes have been banned. Yellow #5, which is still used in cookies, cake mixes & soft drinks, was linked in studies to thyroid cancer in lab animals. The Olestra additive, approved by the FDA is indeed fat-free, but has been linked to cancer & heart disease. It is used in fat-free snacks! (I could go on about other things they mix into our processed food, but you get the point. I’m not trying to make you to throw up that processed food you had for dinner. Although it might healthier!) Each year, 9,000 Americans die from tainted food, & yet we worry about terrorists who kill a handful.

A BAD HABIT. One day sugar will be recognized as toxic (along with many other popular products). Raw honey & rice syrup are obviously healthier. When I went cold turkey & had no refined sugar for 2 ½ years my taste buds totally changed for the better. We bombard our tongues with so much sugar & salt, that our taste buds are deadened. I’ve watched people pile on sugar onto to their bowl of presweetened sugar. Not only does that come with a heavy health price tag, it also destroys our ability to taste & enjoy…hmmm.

CAMELINA GOLD OIL. This Eastern European culinary oil is selected for attention here because it is relatively unknown but very healthy. It contains an abundant amount of omega 3 fatty acids…& is made up of about 35% omega 3’s. And it is relatively low in omega 6 fatty acids, resulting in a favorable omega 3 to omega 6 ratio of 2:1. I have met the lady who grows this on her family farm in eastern Washington, and she talked about how the oil is good for the skin, and how doctors sent her people for she is using it to help cancer patients. The site to find it on the Internet is www [dot] camelinagold [dot] com .

CELLULAR PROBLEMS. A number of alternative health practitioners have started addressing health problems on the cellular level and are having outstanding success. One is Ben Fuchs, who has a show the Bright Side. Your body has around 100 trillion cells, & as you know these tiny living entities are very complex. Cells are busy making things. Many of the different sounding diseases are actually the same problem at the cellular level. All problems at a cellular level can be broken down to 3 issues: the cell is starving of not getting nutrients, or it has been toxified by poisons, or it is suffocating due to lack of proper oxygen. The body has a natural way to get rid of damaged cells. It isolates them with something like a wall and then kills them. That is inflammation.

COLLAGEN. It is the building block of our bodies (like the framing of a house), and for some strange reason does not get mentioned (except on rare occasions). All of our body is built using it. We should have learned about it along with muscles in our junior high school biology class. Vascular collagen mainly consists of collagen I and III. Collagen I is associated with the tenacity & tensile strength of vascular walls, while collagen III is associated with the elasticity of vascular walls; both play important role in maintaining the integrity of vascular structure. Vitamin C is critical to build collagen, so the symptoms of vitamin C deficiency is really a breakdown of collagen! Endogenous sulfur builds collagen. So guess what?? Endogenous sulfur helps cardiovascular diseases!!

ENDOGENOUS SULFDIOXIDE. Most of our life we have heard about the toxic effects of sulfur; and it is toxic as a gas. Recent medical discoveries increasingly reveal the healing power of sulfur in the body. It is the 7th most abundant element in the human body. The form of sulfur which the body creates and uses internally is endogenous sulfdioxide. It is used in critical functions. A few health specialists are catching on to endogenous sulfur’s healing properties, for instance, Dr. Joseph Mercola, whose website sells sulfur products… MSM Sulfur Powder, Glutathione, and NACN-Acetyl Cysteine to mention a few notable ones. His site says: “Support your body with this supplement for healthy connective tissue.
•Sulfur from MSM is used to produce glycosaminoglycans present in proteoglycans such as aschondroitin sulfate dermatan sulfate and hyaluronic acid
•For best results use with Jarrow Formulas’ JarroSil

THE END OF DISEASE? MEMS (micro-electrical-medical-sensors) technology is the wave of the future. Large fortunes are being made as billions of 14 mm chips are sold & implanted into people right below their collarbones just under the skin’s surface. A particular tiny 14 mm MEMS chip can monitor 51 indicators for heart disease using 7 biosensors that are powered by the fluctuations in body heat. of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada seems to be the leader in MEMS, but Sandia Nat. Labs, Texas Instruments, Honeywell, & SUMMiT V are examples of others who are producing MEMS. Georgia Tech’s offshoot CardioMEMS produces a MEMS called Champion. Belgium’s IMEC has been selling a MEMS that detects cancer called Miracle. Movea’s IMU is a strap on MEMS that helps with body rehab and fitness. There is even a journal called MEMS Journal to keep those interested knowledgeable about the field. For various reasons, these MEMS implants will make a big difference in things over time.



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