There are many people struggling & many needs out there. It is rare for me to highlight one need over all the others, but this situation I feel deserves some special attention. Rick & Annie are a wonderful special pair of brother & sister. They have dedicated their lives to having the Shake And Wake Radio Ministry of Truth. I especially appreciate their dedication & frankness in telling things as it is from a Christian perspective. We need their radio show to continue.

STRANDED, HOMELESS, & THE RADIO SHOW IS DOWN. Their van died (in the St. Augustine, FL area) and needs repair, and they lack funds to fix it…leaving them stranded. Their landlord went wacky on them and moved their computer equipment shutting down their show. They are going to the library & fast food places to check email and Skype. It’s obvious that they have been “knocked so silly” (my words) by life that they can’t get back up. There are times that life beats us down to where one can’t bounce back on one’s own. These two love the Lord, and are an important voice to our awake community. So getting them back on their feet is an important goal. At this pt., they have one set of clothes, their Shihtzu Mia, and their faith in God.

CONTACT INFO. Annie says that people can donate using the Paypal link at . Their cell phone is 813-858-8218. Their email is [email protected] . Phone calls & emails are welcome. Western Union & Moneygram are another method to move funds. If God puts it on your heart to help, please do.

FINAL THOUGHTS. On my own time, recently I have been researching refugees & their situations…realizing that many of my readers in the coming years may unexpectedly become refugees. One interesting thing I learned is that refugees will stay as close to their original home as possible if they can. Yet, sometimes life demands big changes. As time progresses, we are going to need to help each other out. Maranatha!! Have a great day. And if you don’t have anything to give, please pray for their situation. Your prayers will bless you in return.


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