In the past, I have been intrigued at how much planning & thinking goes into the Illuminati agenda. There are an enormous amount of think tanks & brilliant people who add their touches to things. They have 40 yr., 20 yr., 10 yr. and 5 yr. plans, etc. I have been told the details of some of what is planned but lack the timetable—and lack knowing their contingency plans—so I can write intelligently, but can’t say that I can accurately see the future. Still my view is probably as good as most outside observers; so I share my thoughts on what may happen. Normally I stick with history…today let’s simply talk about the future, with the realization I am just putting ideas on the table, but not predicting anything.

ECONOMIC PROBLEMS. The top dogs have everything to gain by crashing their own global economic system. They will wipe out everyone else, incl. nations and they come out holding all the pieces. You will notice that in 2008, they got massive bailouts of their financial institutions, and these Illuminati CEOs were able to give themselves outrageous bonuses…when they probably should have been in prison for scandalously squandering the life savings of countless hardworking people. Europe is an economic basket case. The USA is teetering. And most of the rest of the world is worse off that Europe & America. It is a no-brainer that the system will collapse…the big question is WHEN. I still expect it within the next 8 months. But I am speculating that the timing is related to what happens relative to the American presidential election.

THE AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION has the world’s people’s attention. While unbiased polls show Trump actually way ahead—& his rallies are filled with enthused people, and Hillary’s are notably lacking in anything but a few paid “cheerleaders”, the main stream media continues with bogus polls showing Hillary winning by a landslide. Wikileaks continues to expose crime after crime of Hillary’s, but again the mainstream media ignores it all. Hillary’s health is extremely bad, she needs help doing lots of things, she just took at short jet ride rather than go by car, etc. I won’t even go into all her health problems, which may or may not be an issue because they also have been using a robotoid copy of her.

At any rate, Ford announced it is moving a plant from Mexico to the US in anticipation of Trump winning. I honestly can’t figure out what is going to happen in this election. If we did not have a totally corrupt govt. which has many leading members who have been part of the Clinton Foundation and other nefarious activities,… in other words, if the elections were honestly held, I think Trump would win. But watching things, will the American people get an honest election? And what is their contingency plan concerning Hillary. They have had her as their chosen candidate for this election for over 20 years…which is why I believe they are sticking with her. But they know she is in poor health. Do they intend to have her as a sick figure-head president? Will they give ground and let Trump run things. And Trump is like Lincoln…Lincoln took his political rivals and included them in his govt., because he had the strength of character to use them. Trump is willing to compromise and work with people to get things done. I know the way the elite work, if they can’t beat you, then they join you. And that is one scenario—that the Illuminati bow to events—Hillary having marginal health, and Trump being stronger politically than expected, and they try to play ball with Trump. And Trump will play ball with them, because he wants to save this nation. It will be a compromise…some of what he wants…and some of their ideas…so then we head off into contingency plans and plan J or plan K down the list. At any rate, I think if Trump makes it as president, people will be pleasantly surprised in the long run.

HILLARY. Hillary is the best example of moral bankruptcy I have seen in my life: she will do anything, say anything, betray anyone and will change like a chameleon to get what she wants. She has no scruples. People who have come out of Satanism talk about her being a secret Satanist. Someone recently wrote me how her finance raiser in Las Vegas is an actual coven-going witch. Well guess what, so is Hillary…and eye-witnesses have talked about it. Morally bankrupt people like Hillary are impossible to trust, but such people never see themselves as they are. It is normal for them to say, “I have done nothing to break the law or disobey the rules.” You will run into these people in life. They lack the courage to stand up for what is right. Morally bankrupt people are actually weak. They base their judgments more on personal gain & loss than on right & wrong. That is what we can expect from Hillary. She is truly weak and a coward, although she puts forth a strong demeanor. What you see is not what you get.

PUTIN. Putin just pulled off another big victory by getting Turkey on Russia’s side. If America only had an intelligent nationalist leader guiding us, instead of a weak-minded globalist puppet… can I dream on?? The shift of Turkey from being a NATO puppet nation to effectively joining Russia is a game changer. This will disrupt all of the elite’s plans. I know they wanted to get rid of Erdogan, who rules Turkey, because he is a strong nationalist leader…he won’t be a weak minded puppet. He is sick & tired of going along with the globalist agenda…all it got him was that the globalists tried to overthrow him to get someone more compliable. With Turkey going its own way, other nations will start thinking for themselves. Greece is tired of the globalists and their agendas…they are wanting out of the globalist’s organizations like the IMF, NATO, and the EU. So we may see the globalist agenda begin to unravel—so again what will be the contingency back up plan? They have a plan…of that I have no doubt…and I also have no doubt that I won’t like it. Will Putin protect Erdogan? I think he will because he has more moral integrity than people like Hillary. But if he wants, he could use Turkey as a bargaining chip to help Russia gain something from the globalists. But I don’t think Putin is that morally bankrupt! By protecting Turkey from the globalists—now their plans are really under stress…things are falling apart…so when their plans fall apart, will they simply let everything fall apart, and pick up the pieces? Yes. If you see my drift, we are entering into a period of all kinds of machinations—that may end up in a conflict. As seeds that can grow into bigger things…the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement…and northern gangs making pacts to shoot police with sniper & automatic fire…these things are like making yogurt—you add some starter and then watch them grow. If the economy crashes, these groups will be organized to really grow into helter skelter.

FINAL THOUGHTS. So I offer my thoughts, as a starter, as a seed for further thought & discussion. Feel welcome to share your insights—only I ask people who do to respect other people on the thread. We can share our thoughts without putting other people down or being disrespectful. And also try to stay on topic…this isn’t the place for an ad for your favorite thing.


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