ANTARCTICA’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT: A follow-up of a follow-up article Mysteries of Antarctica. (24 DEC 2016)

I was expecting that someone would post something in the thread on my article Mysteries of Antarctica about the recent info that Corey Goode put out on Sunday Dec. 11th. So this post is based on Corey Goode’s info…and like my title today suggests, this report is for you to make up your own mind about. I put it forward as a possibility, but I have to plead “epoke” (the Greek word I taught several years ago to people meaning, “hey, I don’t know everything”). First, on the thread I will show the Oronteus Fineus Map–one of the ancient maps I referred to in the last article, which shows an ice-free Antarctica…and can’t be explained by the accepted mainstream historical narrative, which says Antarctica was not seen until 1830.

HAPGOOD’S RESEARCH/THEORY. Sir Charles Hapgood researched evidence of pole shifts in the earth’s past. He concluded the Earth’s axis of rotation had had dramatic fast shifts so that subtropical areas might end up as a new south pole. He put this research out in his book Earth’s Shifting Crust (1958) and Einstein endorsed his research and wrote the forward to his book. I quote Hapgood’s summation of his polar shift concept: “Polar wandering is based on the idea that the outer shell of the earth shifts about from time to time, moving some continents toward and other continents away from the poles. Continental drift is based on the idea that the continents move individually…A few writers have suggested that perhaps continental drift causes polar wandering. This book advances the notion that polar wandering is primary and causes the displacement of continents….This book will present evidence that the last shift of the earth’s crust (the lithosphere) took place in recent time, at the close of the last ice age [11,000 B.C.], and that it was the cause of the improvement in climate.”

CIVILIZATION FOUND FLASH FROZEN IN ANTARCTICA?? Corey Goode claims to be a whistleblower on the secret space programs. Goode claims to have learned about secret discoveries made a while back through the Ground Penetrating Radar I referred to in the last Antarctica article. Goode provided an artistic sketch of an Antarctica discovery site. He says there was a series of buried-under-ice cities found, but from the way he reported it sounds like they have only tried to seriously unbury this one site, or perhaps the others are only in the preliminary stages of excavation. They have been allowing members of the various secret societies to take a look at the site. If this is true, it would provide an alternative explanation for why Patriarch Kirill and Sec. of State (Order of Skull & Bones mmbr) John Kerry & others went down there. Of course, even if Goode’s explanation is true, it would not preclude the other possibilities…there could very well still be an underground base for the elite to escape disaster (which is available on a lottery system.)

FINAL THOUGHT. As I have a tons more to share…I plan to write one more “hidden science” post today (if time permits) so stay tuned to my fb page.


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