The goal of this post is to provide readers with a clear, accurate working knowledge of what is happening in Switzerland & France with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The LHC takes Hadrons & collides them together at speeds just a tad below the speed of light to see what parts are created from the collision. Up to now I have not weighed in on the LHC at CERN, because I did not want to join the bandwagon of people fearing things that I felt were bogus issues such as the Bloodmoons, the creation of a black hole that would destroy earth, and some end-time speculations. Even Pope Francis (bless his evil heart) got into the act of warning CERN (which is the acronym of the agency behind the LHC) to stop. I certainly did not want to assist his evil agenda.

BACKGROUND. As most readers learned in school, there are electrons, protons & neutrons…but physicists were not content to stop there, they have been dissecting atoms to understand subatomic particles. When they studied subatomic events, they got many surprises, from which quantum physics developed. In quantum physics things acted very different than what we had seen before. String theory was advanced with its theorized concept that there are many dimensions besides our own. I remember in 1964 when the existence of quarks was theorized. The name had a notable sound to it. The Hadron collider found a Pentaquark (a new form of matter consisting of 4 quarks & an antiquark). It also found the bottomonium meson, and also a type of Higgs Boson particle (which had been predicted similar to quarks 50 yrs. ago). So they are actually discovering quite a bit of science on the subatomic level with the LHC.

DARK MATTER. Scientists have tried to understand why galaxies move like they do, & the anomolous velocity distribution of stars in spiral galaxies. The equations point to invisible matter called “dark matter” (DM). In fact, they think most matter (80%) in the universe is dark matter. Dark matter would consist of a (currently theoretical) particle which doesn’t interact with light. They also developed the idea that every known particle has a heavier “super” partner: for example for every electron there is a selectron, for every quark a squark. These are called SUSY (Super Symmetry) particles, and they even have names for many of them even though they have not seen one: higgsinos, singlinos, sleptons, neutralinos, gravitinos, & Axinos to name the better known candidates. So scientists hoped to actually find DM and SUSY particles with the LHC. In an experiment in Dec. 2015, they got more light particles than expected from their current equations. This is an example of how they are rewriting physics.

ACTUAL MECHANICS OF THE MACHINE. A large consortium of nations (mostly European) have pooled their resources & spent $4.4 billion to build a circular tunnel on average 330 ft. (100 meters) deep. The circle is not a perfect circle and is 16.565 miles around with 9,300 enormous magnets to propel the subatomic particles to approx. the speed of light. The tunnel is supercooled almost to absolute zero & a vacuum created inside the almost 17 miles. Then 2,808 bunches of protons (a bunch=100 billion protons) are sent in a beam, with a similar size beam going the other direction. The messy collision pt. of proton on proton is only a few atoms wide, but like two cars hitting at race car speed, lots of parts fly off. An ion collider experiment called ALICE is attempting to replicate matter immediately after the Big Bang. So the LHC at the CERN complex is a lot of physicists & technicians studying subatomic particles.

ANOTHER AGENDA. There is another agenda. I know that from people leaving the Illuminati. They knew it was an Illuminati project before the public focused attention on it. I began to get an inkling of all this back in 1992. (And of course, the occult aspect of it all lurks in the background: the 666 in CERN’s logo, the statue of Shiva there, etc.) A lot of people think they know: doorways to other dimensions, the release of demons from hell (for which they appeal to REV 9), to create a black hole or act as a beacon to attract space aliens. First, fallen angels are already here…no need to bring them from hell.

A ROLE IN A MOCK ALIEN ARRIVAL?? But it is possible that a “portal” will be claimed that will allow their “aliens” to arrive. (There have been some Enochian magic symbols at CERN suggesting the summoning of fallen angels that look like “aliens”. Remember, that I have mentioned Sir John Dee’s magic conjured demons centuries ago that look like our modern grey aliens.) I have wondered how they would create a mock alien invasion…which I know as a fact is one of the cards they hope to play at some later date to unite humanity behind their One World govt. There has to be some fake story line as to why they didn’t arrive sooner, so using CERN to claim a portal was opened might be its hidden agenda. Frankly, I don’t know what the LHC’s hidden agenda is—but I have no doubt there is one. In a day & age when numerous European countries are struggling economically… and then you look at what is being spent on CERN, plus you know the evil nature of the EU’s leadership, then you know there is something fishy with so much money being spent. Like NASA was a front for mind control and other nefarious projects, as well as the elite’s design to bankrupt America so we would be in debt to them…likewise CERN is a front for something sinister. I know that when I post this, people will post you tubes which claim to know what CERN is about; but I haven’t seen any that have any solid inside info…just speculation. So this article serves as a heads up to watch…but also so that people will talk responsibly & recognize that the LHC is actually performing scientific research.


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