This is a discussion on what America stands for, and what that means for the world, & how our liberty is being enslaved. Thomas Paine said something that was profound in how most of the world for much of the U.S.A.’s history have seen us: “The cause of America is in great measure the cause of all mankind.” The U.S.A. was a great experiment in an idea…can a nation be conceived with the ideal of liberty & justice for all succeed? Our Declaration of Independence has inspired people all over. The settlers who came to the New World viewed themselves as pioneers taking the World to a new & better place. The pilgrims and other puritans did not see themselves fleeing; rather they saw themselves as establishing a godly “city on a hill”. (Nor did they come over here & start fighting with the natives–as is falsely taught now.) William Bradford, one of the early Puritans described their move to America as DT 26:7 like Israel in the wilderness going to the promised land. Honestly, America’s ideal of freedom & opportunity & spirituality was nearly dead under Obama, who ruled through unwritten executive decrees like some African tyrant. Those of us who love America & what it stands for now wait with baited breath to see what direction President Trump will take the nation. I think it is worthwhile to remember that the American revolution was only a “half revolution”–the blacks in the South had to wait til the Civil War. Likewise, even if Trump’s bloodless revolution turns out to only be a half revolution…that does not preclude further positive developments afterwards.

FOREIGN VIEWPTS. As soon as this nation gained it freedom, black slaves belonging to Arabs in the Indian Ocean were taking a cue from our revolution and asking their Arab masters for their own freedom from slavery…since “America is free.” Well, they hadn’t heard the whole story…as you know it took a while after the American Revolution for liberty to be extended to our slaves. But I think it can be argued that it was only a matter of time after the revolution before emancipation would inevitably happen. I believe that somehow the slaves in the South sensed that. Slavery was a counterproductive institution…an outdated millstone around the nation’s neck that had an end coming. Unfortunately, as we speed towards a socialist New World Order, we are reversing all the gains in liberty that were made…and foreigners can see it–even if Americans can’t. In spite of all the ugly things the elite-class running the USA have done in the name of America, the majority of the world still have a favorable opinion of the U.S. Only in the Middle East is the approval rating an overall 30%.

Europeans have commonly thought of Americans as cultural barbarians, degenerates from their heritage; so it is rather surprising we are viewed as highly as we are over there. Here are the 2014 approval stats from Europe of the U.S.: France (75%), Germany (51%), Italy (78%), U.K. (66%). Interestingly, the U.S. is supposed to have a special relationship with the U.K., & rescued them twice in WW 1 & 2, and yet the U.K. has one of the lower approval ratings (66%) of the U.S. in Europe. Go figure. And remember, that the Queen of England recently said the great American experiment had failed, & she’d take us back. (Trump’s voters haven’t written America off. Don’t bury our nation yet Queenie.) More approval ratings: Israel (84%), Turkey (19%). Let’s look at some of the other powerhouse nations: Japan (66), China (50), India (55), Russia (23), So. Africa (68), Brazil (65). Again, I am surprised that Japan is not higher, as politically they & the U.S. have been close. To sum it up, 3 out of 4 nations have better than a 50% approval rating of the USA. The equality in the U.S., especially of opportunity, has inspired the rest of the globe to a higher way of doing things. Many of us in America do not approve of the degenerate things that are exported from our nation (like the films & mind control). The elite have used America as a conduit & tool to bring in their global govt.

INTERNET FREEDOM. China, Egypt, Cuba, Iran (& others) have strict controls on the Internet. They block lots of websites & put people in prison if they write things that are not approved. So far, the Internet has helped Americans maintain their freedom in the face of the elite’s agenda to wipe it out. Now, we see the beginnings of Internet censorship here in the U.S. Isn’t it ironic that something developed by our secret agencies & the military complex has helped preserve our eroding freedoms, and allowed Americans to elect a presidential candidate that the elite & specifically the Illuminati did not want.

DEVOTION TO THEIR NATION. There are a lot of good people in the U.S. I definitely would call them the silent majority. Lots of people volunteer to run food banks & museums across America. They volunteer to help in countless other ways also. Here in Oregon our city mayors work for free. There are only two cities in Oregon that pay their mayors. We have something like 235 mayors in Oregon that work for free. (On the other hand, most states pay their mayors.)

WILL WE RETURN TO THE VALUES THAT MADE AMERICA GREAT? Will our structural flaws insure that this nation will fail, or will the disaster of Obama’s socialism be merely a temporary Babylonian captivity? There is work to do. All of our ancestors faced enormous challenges…the challenges we face today are no less than what they faced. It’s time that Americans remember the ideals that this nation embraced at its birth, and re-employ the traits that made this nation successful. What do you think?


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