SOME ADDITIONAL HEALTH THOUGHTS: Part 2, The EMF Safety Superstore. (27 APR 2016)

Do you want protection from Electromagnetic waves?? My first health post was short, & so I thought it would be worthwhile to add some health information that may be important to some people, but is too short for me to make a normal post out of. There was one family that was friends of mine that sadly had no desire to recognize the dangers of living under a high voltage line. The dogs had died of cancer and the kids had cancer. EMF (Electro-magnetic fields) are a threat to health.

EMF SAFETY SUPERSTORE. 777B Watervliet Shaker Rd., Latham, NY 12110. Believe it or not, someone took note of how harmful smart meters and other intense EMF can be and put together a store selling cellphone shielding, computer shielding, magnetic shielding and smart meter shielding of various kinds. Their 103 page catalog is amazing to me, as I had no idea of how many products address this threat to us. They also have meters can have alarms, and books & videos on subject. Their toll free no. in the USA is 1-888-LESS-EMF and their email: [email protected] . For foreign calls the international no. is 1-518-608-6479.


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