ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS: Exposing how the Illuminati’s Agenda for war was stopped. (10 NOV 2016)

This article is an attempt to clarify what has been going on, & how the American people stopped a script that was to end in WW3 by electing Trump. While Obama & Hillary (who represent their Illuminati leaders & their orders) talk peace, their actions for years speak louder than words, they have been setting us up for WW3. But don’t just swallow these words of mine, analyze things for yourself.

MATRIX (MAINSTREAM MEDIA PROPAGANDA NARRATIVE) STORYLINE. Let’s begin by giving the narrative that many people are hearing; this is the storyline that those in the Matrix are by & large swallowing uncritically: Obama (& Hillary) are against terrorism and are trying to fight ISIS and help the Syrian people by overthrowing Asad, who is a bad leader. The Obama administration is standing up to Putin’s aggression by having sanctions on Russia for seizing the Crimea. They are standing up to Putin’s aggression by helping the Ukraine out. Trump is an agent of Putin. Wikileaks is a Russian “psyop” operation which is doing “cyberwar” against America and interfering into our election process. Trump is a wildman who will get us into WW3. American intelligence agencies have confirmed that Russia hacked into the DNC’s emails. A Russian hacker named “cozybear” did the hacking.

DECONSTRUCTING THE LIES. First, think it out…if you have reasoning abilities…put them in gear now please…Mitt Romney & various intel assets and others have all said, “Russia is our no. 1 enemy.” Russia’s military is the one that the head of the joint chief of staffs keeps warning about when he says if we are not careful in Syria we will get into a war with Russia! O.K. Russia is the country we could get into a war with…and Trump keeps saying: “Wouldn’t it be nice if actually we could get along with Russia?” So if we actually believe (for the sake of discussion) that Trump is a stooge of Putin’s… then his election will of course bring peace, not war with Russia. Think it through. The msm matrix lies are doublespeak. The person who will get along with Russia is Trump (by their own words), but supposedly he is the one who will cause problems with Russia and get us into WW3. Does anything logically think anymore? Can you see the contradiction in the lies??? When I spoke in Germany with Germans, their msm had them convinced of these contradictory ideas. They told me Trump would start WW3. Does anything think logically anymore?

Next, the documentation is out there that the U.S. (read Hillary & Obama) created ISIS. The funding came mostly through the Saudis and Qataris–the same people who have given at least $46 million to Hillary. Hillary sat on the Board that funded ISIS. (Wikileaks proved that.) Hillary’s ghost written book Hard Choices admits that the U.S. was behind the creation of ISIS. For ten years we shipped arms to rebels against the Asad govt. While the news media portrays America as fighting ISIS, it has been Putin’s military that destroyed ISIS. Our military just played around, just as Trump said, announcing before we attacked where & when we would attack and frivolous things like that. So Obama & Hillary are not the solution to the Middle East mess, they are its creators! A mess that everyone admits could lead to WW3. And Asad is the legal head of the govt. of Syria, a very popular leader at that. What gives our leaders the right to overthrow another country’s leader–oh because Hillary & Obama don’t like him? oh, because the msm writes nasty things about him? Get real people, this planet will never have peace if one nation can overthrow another because one nation’s leaders don’t like the other nations leaders! Politicians start these frivolous wars, and then soldiers have to end them!!

PEACE. If you and I were in favor of peace (I definitely am, & I am asking you to role play for a minute like you are)…here is what has to happen. We have to accept the status quo, unless things can be negotiated and settled fairly without resort to killing each other. The Crimea wants to be part of Russia. No doubt about it. They celebrated when Russia came in. They had asked for Russia to come back. They used to be part of Russia. Russia’s military took it back & occupied it almost bloodlessly. Almost no resistance from the Ukrainian military & none by the Crimeans. It’s done. Move on people. Trump is right. Quit fighting about it. Stop sanctioning them over it. The Crimea is happy to be part of Russia again, so let them be what they want to be. It’s that easy to have peace.

MUTUAL RESPECT. In his greeting card congratulating Trump on his election, Putin expressed his confidence that “a dialogue between Kremlin and Washington will be based on mutual respect and equal partnership.” One of Trump’s advisors when he spoke at Moscow’s School of Economics (7/’16) said that America and Russia needed to have a relationship based on “mutual respect”. Trump has pledged to fix “this horrible cycle of hostility” between the two nations. I have been carefully watching Illuminati kingpins over the years, and I can categorically state that they want to bully Russia, and I ask myself why? Obviously they are trying to push Putin into a World War that they can blame on Putin. They don’t want to have the blame on them, so they are deviously crowding Putin to instigate a war. MSM has criticized Trump for taking the Miss Universe pageant to Moscow in 2013. These are the kind of things that promote peace. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who has backed Trump’s campaign, last Dec. spoke in Moscow saying that the U.S. & Russia should be cooperating together to take out ISIS. For sure, but it’s not something the Obama-Hillary clique will do. Fortunately, they look like they are on their way out.

WIKILEAKS. There are plenty of things out there that show that Wikileaks did not get their leaked emails & info from Russia. Whether someone who sucks up the lies from msm can acknowledge that or not, I don’t know because at least 20 (and most likely more) msm articles hammered away with the lie that American intelligence had proof that the Russians were giving the hacked emails to Assange. Once a lie is absorbed, it can be hard to eject. I would ask anyone with a lick of sense to think this next pt. through: Is Russian intelligence going to use the Internet name of “cozybear”??? They want to be ultra secret so they use the name “cozybear”. Just like the CIA when they hack people use the name Uncle Sam. Or is it Team Langley? Get a brain people.

The AMERICAN MOVEMENT FOR TRUMP JUST SAVED THE WORLD FROM WW3. Putin’s advisor Sergei Glaziev officially announced that Trump’s victory saved the world from WW3. “Americans had two choices: WW3 or multilateral peace. Clinton was a symbol of war, and Trump has a chance to change this course.” Vyacheslav Volodin, an aide to Putin, expressed his excitement with Trump as well. He said that with “the end of the Obama administration there will be an end to the problems it caused between Kremlin and Washington, including the sanctions.” Glaziev, has been further quoted as saying: “I believe that Trump is a practical man; he will lift sanctions on Russia that are harmful to U.S. business.” Yes harmful to business and to peace. It is clear that the sanctions are doing nothing but increasing the tension…it’s time to do something for peace and mutual respect. Meanwhile, the msm continues to ridicule Trump for his calls to have better relations with Russia. I hope if a world war breaks out, that the world’s people will hold the mainstream media (msm) responsible for helping build the tension leading to war by spreading the Illuminati’s lies from the pit of hell. America, congratulations for stopping an agenda that was moving us into WW 3.


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