A ZESTY PIECE OF ELITE CARIBBEAN CORRUPTION: A short history of the U.S. corruption of Panama’s elections. (7 JAN 2017)

A ZESTY PIECE OF ELITE CARIBBEAN CORRUPTION: A short history of the U.S. corruption of Panama’s elections. (7 JAN ’17) In this day, when the Obama administration is declaring that Russia undermined Hillary’s election (for which they have produced no evidence, but lots of allegations & talk), I thought it might be of interest to lovers of history to learn about Panama’s sordid history, especially how the U.S. has controlled & interfered with their elections for a century. In contrast with the msm’s lies about Putin hijacking our election to cover msm’s previous lies that Hillary was going to win by a landslide…let’s look at some real history. Let’s look at Panama, a nation created & run by the American elite. Their capital city, Panama City, is a skyline of skyscrapers incl. the 70-story sail-shaped Trump Ocean Club Panama. In recent times, Wikileaks exposed Panama President Ricardo Martinelli’s embassy cables showing the corruption involved in the contracts for the remodeling of the Panama Canal so that it will have a third lane which can handle ships 1,200′ long, 160′ wide & 50′ draft. It’s current 2 lanes have to take ships shorter than 965′, narrower than 106′ & drafts of 39′. There were also the Panama Papers (11.5 million records) which exposed the Panama-based law firm called Mossack Fonseca. I wrote a post on this in Apr. ’16, exposing its NWO connections & Nazi connections. Its fnder/operator Peter Mossack (son of an SS officer) served as Panama’s Honorary Consul to Frankfurt, Ger., seat of the European Central Bank. The Panama Papers exposed 204,000 offshore entities incl. leaders & corporations from 200 countries & territories (inc. 12 heads of state). Prominent people (incl. the global elite) were evading taxes & laundering their dirty money through Panama…which has long been known to be the place the elite launder their drug money.

GETTING RID OF PANAMA’S RULER. Gen. Manuel A. Noriega had worked with U.S. intelligence & helped them run drugs…and they had helped him come to power in Panama where he ruled for 21 years, after he’d been the head of Panama’s military intelligence. The CIA had set up their notorious School of the Americas in Panama to help the elite World Order control Latin America. Noriega was a graduate of the school. The Illuminati stringpullers would chuckle that Noriega was one of their “expendable stepping stones”.(A) Noriega was superstitious (into voodoo) & feared Satanism, and Kathy O’Brien has given plenty of details how she, as a Monarch sex slave, was used to manipulate Noriega by satanist/m.c.programmer Aquino for Reagan & the CIA.(B) At a certain pt. around 1986, corrupt U.S. officials and Noriega had a falling out, in part because he was dealing cocaine openly, threatening to expose their own drug running, as well as skimming off drug profits from the CIA Operation Watchtower (their Caribbean drug running op). Cathy, as a mind controlled slave working for these govt. criminals met Noriega at Stirrup Cay, Bahamas where he had a black mirror finished speed boat, & the CIA had a radio station used for drug smuggling.(C)

REAL INTERFERENCE IN A NATION’S LEADERSHIP! Upset with Noriega not following orders, early in 1989, Pres. Reagan declared that Panamanian flagged ships were banned from U.S. ports. Panama makes it easy & inexpensive to register a ship under their nation, so 6,413 ships (80% of which are foreign owned) fly the easy-to-recognize Panama flag–many of them Japanese & Chinese owned ships.(Other lesser but notable flags-of-convenience nations are listed in note D.) First, the Reagan admin. authorized the CIA to spend $10 million to help Noriega’s political opponents defeat him in the election! When that failed, Reagan gave an Executive Order for the CIA to overthrow Noriega, and $3 million was officially allocated to recruit people to carry out a violent coup to overthrow him! After a year of the U.S. tampering with Panamanian elections and trying to kill him, General Noriega declared in early DEC ’89 that a state of war existed between Panama & the USA. 2 weeks later the U.S. invaded Panama, and the CIA’s former partner in crime Gen. Noriega, whose PDF troops were defeated, fled to the Vatican Embassy for safety. Mind control harmonics embedded in loud rock music were beamed into the embassy to make life difficult for him. Under enormous pressure from the U.S., the Vatican eventually caved in & allowed him to be extradited to the U.S., where he was kept from spilling the beans to the public on U.S. corruption. In recent times (2011), he was released from the U.S. to face murder charges in Panama.

HISTORY OF ELITE CONTROL. Early on the Rockefeller’s United Fruit company became dominant in Panama harvesting bananas for export. By 1810, the European Illuminati already had conceived plans to build the Suez & Panama canals. In Sept. 1903 concept of the nation of Panama was agreed to in the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in NYC between the Illuminati elite, elite Frenchman Bunau-Varilla & Manuel Amador. The whole deal is too complex to explain in great detail but here are the basics: Panama was part of the nation of Columbia, but the Columbian govt. had rejected American proposals to build a canal in Panama. The French company Compagnie Novelle du Canal had received permission from Columbia to build the canal, and had started in 1881, and had gone bankrupt trying & as well as failing miserably. The American elite wanted to take over the French concession, but the wanted to build it under the auspices of a new nation Panama, who they would control and would give them a 100 yr. lease to run the canal. When the American elite bought the shares of the French company, it was shrouded in great manipulative secrecy.

A NATION CREATED. Vast sums of money were spent to create a Panamanian rebel army. On 2 NOV, 1903 the U.S. Navy blocked Columbia from sending troops to put down the revolution created by elite American money. The public stock of Compagnie Nouvelle was converted to bearer share certificates, and the company’s records lost. The elite who bought the company became anonymous, but we know that Illuminati kingpin & Rothschild agent J.P. Morgan was one of them. So were the bankers Isaac Seligman and J. Edward Simmons. The Wash. D.C. attorney William Nelson Cromwell who brokered the deal also got a share of the secret stock. Thus the elite secretly became the profiteers from the canal, which was built the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers with American tax payer dollars. When Panama declared its independence…their controlled govt. made the American dollar legal tender, & it continues to serve as their money…they gave the U.S. a strip of land 10 miles wide and the entire 50 mile length of the canal to own forever called the Canal Zone, and gave the U.S. the legal right to interfere in Panama to protect America’s interests in the Panama Canal. Panamanians were not allowed to live in the Canal Zone, which had its own stamps and was an American colony. Eventually all that got re-negotiated by Pres. Carter and on 31 DEC 1999, the U.S. gave up the canal to Panama, who turned it over to the Chinese to run.

THE PRESIDENT OF PANAMA WORKS W/ THE ILLUM. TO MAKE PANAMA A GOLDMINE FOR THE BANKSTERS. In Apr-May, 1969, Nelson Rockefeller visited with Panama’s ruler Gen. Omar Torrijos. Later that year Torrijos went to NY to visit with Nelson Rockefeller. There he met with Goldman Sachs investment bankers and the U.S. Secr. of State William Rogers. In July, 1970, Torrijos signed a banking decree which made Panama a haven for banksters, setting up all kinds of banking & corporation secrecy, and soon 90 banks were operating there, esp. the Rockefellers Chase Manhattan. By the mid-80’s over 130 banks had moved there to operate including the elite/CIA dirty BCCI bank used for moving dirty money for dirty ops. Panamanian bankers who fail to keep secrets faced prison sentences. The Columbian drug cartels began using Panama for money laundering–how convenient, because the nation uses dollars as their currency. The Bocas del Toro (meaning Mouths of the Bull) which is a region of Panama of remote beautiful islands on the Caribbean, which is heavily populated by 2,000 secretive Americans & foreigners, is used as a transit pt. for drugs from Columbia. Criminals from the states–the wanted & unwanted of America–populate the area. There are other areas in Panama for ex-pats like to live also, like Boquete and Volcan in western Panama. A friend of mine trying to escape the m.c. & targeted individual harassment in the states, discovered that it is there just as bad as in Panama as in the states. Panama tries to attract retirees, who enjoy its temperate climate where strawberries, watermelon and coffee grow in abundance, and that they can live anonymously under fake names.

OLDER HISTORY BEFORE THE CANAL. As I will now pt. out, the area has been important for trade since the Pacific Ocean was “discovered” in 1513 from Panama. The Spanish leader de Bastidas came to what is now Panama in 1501. It was not long before the Spanish discovered that Panama was a narrow sliver of land separating two bodies of water. European diseases soon wiped out the natives, and the Spanish built the Royal Road in Panama to haul gold & silver from Peru & other So. American locations across the land to the Caribbean side to ship to Spain. In order to stop the English & Dutch from raiding their wealth, in 1582, the Spanish guaranteed the freedom of the villages/nations of black runaway slaves in Panama if they would loyally help the Spanish instead of helping the English. When the California gold rush took off, elite investors built a railroad across Panama which was used by the gold miners. In the 1850’s, two weeks of travel by boat from NYC to California using Panama & its railroad sure beat the months of crossing America by wagon train. During the Civil War, the Confederates unsuccessfully made many plots to capture the gold steamers that hauled California gold & silver to NYC using the 50 miles of Panama’s railroad to connect the two bodies of water.
In WW 2, the Japanese built a fleet of 4 monster size subs that served as aircraft carriers. They were the world’s largest subs. They were originally built to function as a fleet to attack the Panama Canal, but ended up diverted to easier missions. So anyway, Panama has long functioned as a trade route, and has attracted attention during wars because of that function. Now it simply serves as a key shipping pt. for South American drugs to America & a good site to launder dirty money. And I get to hear from witnesses about the ongoing CIA presence down there…which continues because if someone our govt. does not like gets power…our corrupt govt. gets rid of them. When the dishonest U.S. admin w/ the msm point the finger at Putin, they have at least 4 fingers pointing back.

(A) report by a tbmc slave (B) Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips. Trance Formation of America. Nashville, TN, 1995, pp. 150-51 (C) ibid, p. 140 (D) Major flags of convenience incl. Liberia, Malta, Marshall Is., Bahamas & Barbuda.


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