I have been working as a handyman, and dealing with family, and so my ability to track the news is limited. Whether we actually engage North Korea in warfare or not, the Military Industrial complex has succeeded in this spat in getting more contracts. The U.S. military will get 2,500 F-35s at the cost of something like $100 million per plane. If you don’t know it has the latest technology–which is most amazing, for instance the pilot sees via robotic cameras outside the plane at whatever he looks at. America’s space, air, and sea superiority means that an opponent must strike first if they want a chance to succeed. Any opportunistic opponent must try to Pearl Harbor the USA—however, they are likely to get Nagasakied back.

Be aware that we are back on an Illuminati script…these things have been planned, even though our leaders say, “Nobody can know the future or what will happen.” Nice lie…the top insiders know the script, but they don’t know God…and He has a way of buggering up the plans of His opponents. So they are correct–they don’t know the future!! It will not be their script all the time.

Today, I will visit with a good friend for supper, and then experience a going away party (Lord willing). I am leaving the Portland, OR area. I will post my new address, when I get one. For several days I will be travelling and unavailable to chat with via Facebook, or to get answers by email. Thank you all for your prayers, they are getting answered and at some point I will share about the answered prayers. Meanwhile, keep your faith, keep your hope, press into your heavenly Abba, and know that you are loved.


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