The concepts of globalization & its socialist philosophy have been indoctrinated into several generations of public school children & reinforced by the mass media. Large numbers of unawake Christians are in favor of globalization. But what is the Bible’s view of it, & what does globalization mean for Christians & people in general??

FIRST, A REVIEW OF THE POLITICALLY CORRECT VIEW OF THE NWO. The mass media says that Globalization is irreversible & good. We’re told the multinational corporations are experiencing a “Golden Age”, & that this is improving life globally. There are plans for a World currency & a 1-world govt.; & in some ways we already have these. Recently, the CFR in their “Foreign Affairs” told us to imagine a World without borders with basically complete freedom of migration worldwide. The mass media tell us that borders & nationalism are dangerous to have. “Borders are causing enormous losses to the global economy.”(A) We’re told that shedding borders will create a cultural & economic utopia.

Their argument goes: How dare the Swiss enjoy a clean, plush life while millions of homeless Indians live in squalor. This is an example of their “primary problem of life”, “the unequal distribution of wealth”. The salvation of humanity will result when we have an equal distribution. In line with this, the whites & Western Civilization are viewed as the cause of evil in this world. Supposedly their success is simply based on theft; & the World in the name of social justice should be free to take what they want from them.

Supposedly, we are all able to communicate with each other globally via the web, thereby creating a “global village”. The reality is that digital communication, which travels without context, is often misunderstood and at worst is a scam. For instance, how well do Americans understand the Japanese when they communicate?…I know first hand, it’s usually poorly.

At this pt. let’s discuss briefly how globalism is really functioning, before we look at the Bible. The socialist concepts of globalization have been consistently proved to be disastrous for nations that practiced it, for example go to Poland, Romania, & North Korea to see how these policies will play out in reality. It is not hard to do the math to see that a nation has limited resources & limited welfare resources, and millions of migrants from poor areas of the world moving in would overwhelm their resources & trample down whatever was nice in the areas they would migrate into. History has plenty of examples of nice areas being trashed. Sadly, globalism has created a drain of educated brains from underdeveloped to developed nations. It’s put whole sectors of workers out of work. There is a dark under-reported side to it. Since globalism began, we have witnessed how an economic depression in one country can cause economic disasters in other nations. For instance, something that began in Asia, hurt Russia in 1999.

NOW, THE BIBLICAL VIEW. The Biblical view is quite different than the World’s popular politically-correct view. Globalism fits the Biblical warning that there is a way that seems right whose end is death!! Socialism does not bring salvation by equally distributing wealth (in line with Karl Marx’s dialectical materialism). It makes everyone equally poor. The cause of suffering in the world is not unequal distribution of wealth but sin, which is corrected by salvation through Christ, not socialism. An abundant life does not depend on wealth. Christ said the poor would be with us always, and that everyone should be content with what he has and not covet what others have.

The Bible predicts that the World will unite against God under the Anti-Christ & that those who reject this Satanic World Order will not be able to buy & sell. It records 2 other times of such complete rebellion & apostasy towards God, these were Noah’s day and when the Tower of Babel was built by a united world. In order to limit evil, God created separate languages & nations. God is no internationalist, no globalist, and not cosmopolitan. He is the one who created the barriers to limit the growth of evil.

While Satan is temporarily the “god of this world”(B), he has had until recently a difficult task to unite his realm. When the godless under his influence have no limits on their imaginations and no restraints to what they can do, there is no limit to the evil they will perpetrate. We are witnessing that. The Anti-Christ, animated by Satan’s spirit, is described in 2 THES 2:9: “Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders.”

HOW THE LIMITS GOD IMPOSED ON EVIL ARE OVERTURNED BY GLOBALISM. Already globalism has resulted in all kinds of communicable diseases spreading or spreading faster. All kind of formerly rare diseases are spreading, not just HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Bird Flu, Mad Cow disease etc. The multinational corporations are indeed gaining monopoly power worldwide, but rather than improving life…which at times it does…it has given the satanic Illuminati kingpins, who control these corporations, incredible power & wealth. Now they can command politicians and can fleece the entire world, and cont. to put small businesses out of business. Globalism has removed ethics from the markets (incl. the money markets). Currency manipulation abounds. Thousands of examples occur daily; what comes to mind is George Soros making an easy $1 billion in profit when he forced the U.K.’s PM John Major to devalue the British pound 12%.

Socialism & the Illuminati want families destroyed…and globalism has been doing that. Family values are globally being swept away under a deluge of programs & propaganda & being replaced with the values of Hollywood, Disney, McDonalds, & the Mass Media. Six corporations own the mass media that now give most of the so-called news (the real fake news) to the world. People like George Soros are heroes of the globalism movement. Instead of traditional values, young people around the world are using the web, Apple ipads, & playing things like hip-hop music while disrespecting their parents & elders. (The “web” is an appropriate name as it functions just as a spider web for the controllers.) The values of global socialism (called “democracy”) & Illuminati monopolies (called “free markets”) are opposed to traditional Biblical values. God allows consequences, if you won’t work, you shouldn’t eat (C), and if you do good works, this should taken into account when aid is distributed by the church.(D) This the opposite of the liberal’s (socialist’s) idea of free handouts to anyone by stripping the more wealthy working peoples of what they have earned. The Future Shock created by globalism’s constant fast change has disrupted & disoriented people. The elders in Amish society are respected & are sources of wisdom. Under globalism, older people are considered burdens, outdated, & obsolete. This is a glimpse of how traditional Christian values are destroyed by globalism.

MY FINAL THOUGHTS. The American dream is in trouble, and millions of migrants via Globalism will ruin it for everyone. While the globalists criticize America for our wealth, they ignore the fact that the American people & their govt. are very generous of all, in fact considered the most generous by many; its people, foundations & companies donated $410 billion in 2017, which is a greater amount than the entire GDP of all but 40 nations of the world. Many Americans have donated time to help other peoples…I personally know many American Christians who donated time to help others overseas. Christ loves all peoples, but he would not support the globalist’s socialist agenda and their upcoming one world government, nor do I.

I can love my country & still love other nations & peoples. I can have my own private property & still love someone poorer. I don’t need your Big Brother Global village & your Brave New World, I have God’s kingdom, my savior Yeshua (Jesus Christ), & contentment. Socialism is not the golden rule. I don’t need a mosque & Chinese-built Confucius Institute in my neighbourhood. Cheaper products, and larger markets for the multinational corp. don’t outweigh the negatives of a New World Order. We can have better transportation & communication without all the extra baggage of a NWO. I trust that lovers of truth will realize that history & the Bible come down against globalization. Have a great day my friend.


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