We live in perilous times with an apostate church and false teachers. The truth of Messiah & the true gospel is a specific, delicate thing that is being warped in many ways in preparation for the eradication of true faith & the creation of a false world church under the Anti-Christ. I am sharing & recommending this excellent expose of Kanye’s instantly created ministry for “Jesus” which is being promoted by the world & its mass media. This video message is done by Truthunedited, and was posted on the FB page Christians Exposing the New Eorld Order. Kanye’s m.c. handlers have switched him from publicly promoting the devil /Lucifer to promoting a lukewarm all-inclusive “jesus”. Fake gospels are crowding oit the real. And a side issue (as my readers may have seen) is how Christians have been deceived into hating other Christians for using the original names for spiritual things, such as Yahweh, Yahshua, & Ruach hakodesh. I recommend this shared video from Truthunedited as it clearly prese.nts the issues we need to understand as the world continues to highjack Christianity.


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