I don’t exactly when, perhaps next Wednesday 28 June my next podcast will air. I will provide more specific details when I have them from Freeman Fly. My guest will be Dean Gotcher, a Christian researcher on how the World Order is capturing the thinking of society. Dean Gotcher has been exposing the deeper aspects of Hegelian Dialectics, Transformational Marxism and what he labels diaprax. These are key tools of the World Order elite to fulfill their agenda. Over the last 19 years, Dean has held over 5,000 seminars &/or weekend conferences. He shares in these seminars the World Order’s process to destroy Godly authority structures, esp. parental authority. He is an expert on exposing what is going on in education to create the perfect slave for the New World Order. He explains the difference between the traditional way of thinking and post modern transformationalism. Dean Gotcher lives in Herndon, KS. He is founder/director of Institution for Authority Research. His website is authorityresearch.com and his email is [email protected]. I look forward to having you listen to the two shows. Have a good one.


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